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CEX.io Review with Fees and Verification

Crypto Trading Platform Reviews Cex.io
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Minimum Deposit


Max Leverage


Cryptocurrencies for trading

BTC, ETH, BCH, BTG, Dash, XRP + 3 more

Deposit Options

Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Cryptocurrencies

Available Countries


Verificaiton Required


Company Regulation

USA and UK

Guarantee stop loss


Negative balance protection



Deposits: 0% to 5%
Withdrawals: variable (crypto)/0% to 1% (fiat)
Trade Costs: 0,1% to 0,25%

Customer Support

Ticket System

CEX.IO Review Intro

In this CEX.IO review we will take you through security, verification, fees, margin trading and more.

We will finish our CEX.IO review with pros and cons of the exchange and trading site.

If you are looking for an exchange that offers its services globally, CEX.io could be quite interesting for you, as it is available in most of the countries in the world. 

Established in 2013, the exchange is a regulated company that is based in London, UK and is considered as one of the largest Crypto Exchange providers in the world. 

This CEX.io review will delve deep into the exchange for you to uncover how safe the platform is and what options are available for BTC investors to use. 

CEX.IO Legal Compliance Review

Let’s start this CEX.io review from the basics. CEX.io, being a registered and regulated business, follows several legal structures, guiding its operations and business conduction. 

The first major law regulation are AML/KYC (Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Policy) which requests all users’ identity to be verified with ID scans as to battle the money laundering schemes more effectively.

Thus, the privacy policy is designed to collect the personal data of the clients for safekeeping and data purposes. 

The company is not allowed to use the information in the profit-gaining activities, nor does it have the right to provide it to other parties, apart from government bodies.

Another policy resulted from the AML/KYC is the Anti-Fraud Policy, which states that Cex Crypto/CEX.IO has a ‘zero tolerance’ towards fraud, corruption, collusion, money laundering, and other criminal activities from the staff members and traders.

Cex Crypto refund policy is also a must-read as it provides a framework on how and when you can get your refund in case you encounter issues while trading bitcoins at CEX.io. 

The crux of the matter is that you have 48 hours to request the refund after the transaction has been made and the potential returns are done though bank transfers only. 

CEX.IO World Coverage Review

Services offered by the CEX.io are available to anyone that holds bank cards or bank account, no matter the part of the world. Thus, the platform proudly markets itself as available in 99% of the countries around the globe, with an exception of 26 states in the US.

Some countries might be restricted in terms of one of the payment methods, with credit cards not available in 16 countries (mostly Arab Peninsula) while bank transfers are not an option for 23 countries (mostly African and Arab states).

CEX.IO Certifications Review

CEX.io holds several certifications that serve as a proof of regulated operations conducted by the company, with these certifications being Incorporation, FinCEN registration, PCI DSS Compliant and ICO certificate of registration.

CEX.io Trading Platform Review

Apart from webpage, the CEX.io marketplace is also available on mobile platforms for Android and iPhone users.

Apart from phone marketplace, you also have API scripts at your disposal (WebSocket and REST API).

CEX.IO Payment and Deposit Methods

When it comes to purchasing options, CEX.io accepts credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and CryptoCapital. Accepted fiat currencies are USD, EUR and RUB while cryptocurrencies that can be traded on the platform, besides bitcoins, are Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), ZEC and DASH.

When compared to other exchanges, we can safely say that exchange does provide necessary tools and options for most traders, though the lack of e-payments (Skrill, OKPay, and PayPal) needs to be addressed in near future as others have already included them as an option.


The fees are divided into three sections:

Transaction fees

Maker transactions don’t cost a thing while taker fees range between 0.1% and 0.2%, which is still low when compared to other competing platforms;

Deposit/withdrawal fees

Fees are structured according to the deposit methods with bank transfers and CryptoCapital being processed for free, credit/debit cards costing 3.5% + $0.25. Withdrawal costs also depend on the option used, with bank transfers costing $50, Visa cards $3.80, MasterCard 1.2% + $3.80 and CryptoCapital 1% of the transaction value. All in all, fees can be considered as average when compared to industry data;

Margin trading fees

In addition to above-mentioned fees, you also need to account margin trading fees (if you take up with the function) which are further divided into three segments – open fee (0.2%), rollover fee (0.01%) and close fee (free).

See our blog post about the Bitcoin trading sites with the lowest fees.

CEX.IO Limits

Depending on the verification level, you have different purchase/withdrawal limitations.

Unverified users (basic tier) have deposit limits of $300 daily and $1.000 monthly, while withdrawal limits are $500 daily and $2.000 monthly.

Verified users have $10.000 daily and $100.000 monthly deposit allowances, while withdrawals stand at $50.000 daily and $300.000 monthly.

Higher tiers are reachable with additional documents and sufficient trade volume, which would make your deposit/withdrawal limitations nonexistent.

The CEX.io stands at the top of the market with the limit program, as the limits are very high, even for unverified users, providing you with necessary flexibility when you trade bitcoins at the platform.

CEX.IO Security Review

In terms of security, you have only two-factor authentication (2FA) to count on while keeping your fund and coin balances safe. 

Although the function itself is great, other features such as transaction codes and passwords are needed to effectively defend your account against cybercrime.

Yes, you do have an option of setting additional mail, phone number and even social media profile as several factors of authentication, we do believe that other features need to be introduced in the near future. 

Just because CEX.io has not been hacked (as of yet), it does not mean that hackers would not try to get inside individual accounts for candy.

CEX.IO Verification Review

The verification process at CEX.io is very straightforward, as all you need to do is to locate the “Limits and Conditions” section of the finance page and click “Request” button. This would start the process where you need to upload scanned ID (or passport) and provide personal details like name, last name, address and such.

Once you have finished with the process, customer support usually takes up between few hours to a day to verify the details and scan, earning you verified status.

You are also to verify your payment card/account, which is started at page “Cards”. It is also a very simple process, where you provide your bank card details and in next step allow CEX.io to charge you a small amount of funds to verify the card.

CEX.IO Getting Started Guide

Now that you have all the information regarding the verification and legal policies, you can pursue the bitcoin trade through several available features and functions:

  • Standard Exchange;
  • Limit Market;
  • Margin Trading;
  • API.

CEX.IO Exchange Review

This market is pretty straightforward – you wait for the BTC price to reach the level you wish and simply purchase/sell it with available coins/funds. 

The bad thing about this particular function is the large spread in price between buying and sells position, difference currently standing at staggering $1.100.

On the plus side, there is a price freezing utility, locking the value of BTC for 120 seconds, providing you enough time to get the right price for the bitcoins you wish to get.

CEX.IO Limited Market

Limit function is a simple feature in the platform, where you put the limit value you wish to buy/sell BTC at and post it on the exchange. Then, you simply wait until the position has been reached and executed. This function, although useful, lacks a bit more complex approach, since you cannot pair your orders nor can you hide some of the information once it gets posted.

CEX.IO Margin Trading Review

CEX.IO do offer crypto margin trading. The trading site functions as an order-and-stop feature, where you post the order while specifying what you wish to get and how much loss you are willing to take.

Leverage levels serve as a short-term “loan”, where you get additional funds and increase the trade volume that would not have been available to you with just your balance. The leverage options are 1:2 and 1:3, where you can borrow twice or three times the money you wish to invest.

What is cool about this function is that you have guaranteed stop loss function, meaning that you can immediately know what kind of loss you’ll take if you take the position now, while the platform limits the loss to position closed at the price, limiting the price fluctuation from going too low or high, depending on the position you took.

Advanced Reporting

If you take a closer look at the trading pages, you will notice that numbers change all the time. It means that trade is recorded in real time, with accurate information on what traders are doing at the moment. Another important feature is the downloadable reports, where you can take the info outside of CEX.io and analyze it on your own.

You also have transaction history of the exchange (and your own) and transparently shown fees for each purchase/sell you wish to make.


There are three API functions that you should definitely be aware of when trading BTC at CEX.io:


CEX.IO REST API allows access to market data and manages transactions using custom-written software language that helps you automatically create and cancel orders under circumstance you specify;

WebSocket API

The WebSocket API is concerned with real-time notifications that you would get on platform and n your email, helping you to keep track the trends in the market.


This is a corporate communication channel API, where different large players like banks, financial institutions, and other businesses can communicate directly on the platform between each other.

API feature can be considered as an extension to the missing functions in the margin trading and exchange functions, as they can provide you with vital information about the market while keeping your funds safe even when you sleep. This is quite important, as you will keep the funds when the position grows to be unfavorable, making the API functions quite invaluable. We have only positive remarks for this feature of CEX.io!

Trading Interface

Overall, we would conclude that trading interface is definitely easy to use, with several options available for different types of clients. If you want simple buy/sell purchase without various functions displayed at once, you have page that would allow you to do just that.

The margin trading is also simple to use, with order section holding only the most important buttons for you to use. The trading history is easy to understand, thus we deem the platform a light weighted platform, as the crucial information is easy to grasp and learn.

CEX.IO Pros and Cons

With everything combined, CEX.io is a secure place for you to trade bitcoins (and other altcoins), offering several features and functions that you should use. These features, however, are simple while the price spread between buying and selling BTC price is quite large.


  • possibility to purchase bitcoins with an unverified account;
  • interface is easy to understand and use;
  • several powerful API options available;
  • available globally.

And this CEX.io review has many positive aspects as you can see.


  • no e-payment systems available as deposit methods;
  • simple and small number of trading functions;
  • the large spread between buying and selling BTC price.
  • limited liquidity compare to Bitfinex as you can read more about in our article about the best bitcoin trading platforms.

That’s a downside for this CEX.io review.

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