Exchange Review Feature Image Exchange Review with Referral Code

In this exchange review we will go through the features in the exchange and review them.

Its important to understand that consist of a mobile app and a desktop online exchange.

In this article, we focus on the online desktop exchange.

Also, if you sign up via our referral code you can get up to $50 FREE in CRO.

However, is way more than just an app and an online desktop exchange. In our review 2020 we go through the complete ecosystem. Exchange Review Introduction is an established cryptocurrency player right now with a trustworthy and experience team behind the platform. 

Below we can see the header menu from the login area in the exchange. Lets break it down to pieces and go through the features, one by one.

As you can see there is Exchange, Markets, Stake and Earn, The Syndicate and Trading.

We will start with the exchange feature.

What is Exchange? exchange is a cryptocurrency marketplace where you can find all the large markets with a decent trading volume. 

Below you see a print screen from the exchange view. As you can see, there are all normal features in that screen.

First, we notice that the graph is coming from Tradingview with all features including different time frames, different indicators, different analyzing tools.

Also, to the right we see a normal order book with buy and sell orders. In the right bottom corner we see the input fields to execute a buy or a sell order.

What is Markets? markets is a quite simple feature. However, a simple feature should never be underestimated since you will get a great and simple overview in this view. You will see the most important parameters such as, market pair, last price, 24 H change, 24 High, 24 H Low and 24 H volume. In addition, you can browse directly to the trading screen from the markets view. 

Also, just above the market pairs you see that you can browse between the BTC markets, USDT markets and CRO markets. 

When can Markets view be useful?

We use such a function when we will get a fast on the available market pairs. We think it is especially useful if you decide you want to trade Ethereum, for example. However, you are not sure if you want to use BTC, USDT or CRO as the underlying. In this markets view, you can fast see the most important parameters so you can easy make the best choice. 

For example, the 24H Volume is very important to know.


If the trading volume is low, the spread is higher and you will have to pay a higher price for your trade.


What is Stake and Earn?

The stake and earn feature let you earn 20% on your CRO holdings.

Yes, 20% which is incredibly high. If you get 20% APY on your holdings you will double your holdings every four year and on top of this the CRO value is steadily increasing against the USD (so far).

There are two different staking oppportunities

  • CRO staking
  • Soft staking

On top of this, the CRO staking comes with a lot of benefits.

  • Earn Rebates
  • Earn Interest
  • Participate in the Syndicate (read more below)
  • Pay rewards
In the screenshot below from exchange you can see the Stake and Earn page. Also, you see the benefits listed in the page.

What is The Syndicate?

The syndicate feature that will let you to buy cryptocurrencies for reduced prices, up to 50% lower than the market price.

What is the condition?

If you stake CRO on exchange you will have the opportunity to take part of this benefit. The more CRO you stake, the more cryptocurrency you can buy at a discounted price.

What is Trading feature?

The trading feature is very much like the exchange feature. doesn’t offer any leveraged trading with futures or perpetual swaps.

However, in the trading menu you will find information about trading competitions with great prices.

What is Balances Menu?

From the top right corner in the login area, in the Exchange, you find the tab “Balances”. this is simply a screen listing all your balances. Also, from here you can easily reach withdrawals, deposits, trading and transaction history. Exchange Review balances deposit and withdrawals

What is Exchange Referral Code?

Our exchange referral code can give you up to $50 FREE in a CRO bonus. In the table below you can see the requirements you must fulfill to be able to claim the bonus.

If you sign up for the Exchange via our referral link you can receive up to USD $50 worth of CRO as a sign-up bonus, credited to your CRO Spot Wallet! Exchange Review Referral Code and Bonus table

Terms and Conditions for Exchange Referral Code and Bonus

*CRO received as a deposit bonus during our ‘2% deposit bonus’ promotion does not count towards this staking requirement.
**Sign-up Bonus is based on your first CRO stake amount.

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