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Lowest Crypto Futures Trading Fees Comparison 2024

Lowest Crypto Futures Fees

“Trading fees are essential to minimize to ensure they do not eat up your profits.”

  • We handle futures and perpetual crypto trading fees(not the spot market) here. See the lowest crypto spot trading fees if you are looking for spot trading.
  • MEXC Global has the lowest crypto futures trading fee, 0/0.01% for maker/taker fee.
  • BTCC has the lowest fees among trading sites accepting US and CA citizens.
  • We have trading fee discount codes for Binance, Bitget, Kucoin, and BTCC.

MEXC – Lowest Crypto Futures Fees

MAXC Lowest Crypto Futures Trading Fees

The easiest way to achieve the lowest crypto futures trading fees is:

  1. Sign up with MEXC Global
  2. Hold MX tokens for a 50% discount on the trading fees.

Exchanges – Lowest Crypto Futures Fees

Futures fees are listed from some of the best sites for trading crypto. The most important to compare between exchanges are the following: (see the table for the numbers)

  • Fee high: The highest futures trading fee (If you don’t fulfill any discount criteria)
  • Fee low: The lowest crypto futures trading fee (If you satisfy all discount criteria)
  • 24H Derivative: The latest 24H trading volume for derivative trading. A higher trading volume is preferable since it usually ends in a tighter spread, like a “hidden fee.”

Discount criteria: These can differ between exchanges, but usually, any or all of these can give trading discounts: 30-day trading volume, certain account balance, certain balance in the exchange native token, paying the trading fee with the native token, or using our referral codes.

*Highest futures and perpetual trading fees

**Lowest futures and perpetual trading fees on the exchange. 

%: Our referral code rebate

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Crypto Future Trading Fees

➤Crypto future trading fees are a percentage of the total trading amount per trade to open a trade.

Percentage symbol - all crypto trading fees are charged as a percentage of the total trading volume

You pay crypto trading fees as a percentage of your total trade.

However, the fee schedule varies, and you will pay different crypto futures and perpetual fees, among other platforms.

Also, the exchanges use different strategies for giving discounts and rebates on your trading fees, as described in the questions below.

Can I get lower crypto fees and a discount with a referral code?

A girl with a discount sign

Yes! Some exchanges offer us the opportunity to share our commission with our readers. Binance, Kucoin, Bitget, and Gate.io are some examples where you get about -20% on spot trading fees when you sign up via Cryptocointrade.

Can I get lower crypto futures trading fees if I pay with the native token?

Yes, but some exchanges only allow this for spot trading. However, at Binance and MEXC, you can reduce futures trading fees by 10% when paying with their native tokens, BNB or MX.

Can I get lower crypto futures trading fees if I hold the native coin in my balance?

Yes! Some crypto exchanges offer lower future trading fees if you hold their native token in your balance. Often, you increase your crypto exchange VIP level by having the native coin, and another way to increase the VIP level is to increase your 30-day average trading volume. 

Binance, Kucoin, Bitget and Gate.io are examples where you can increase your VIP status by holding their native token in your balance. 

Can I get lower crypto futures trading fees by having a large balance?

Yes! Some crypto exchanges, such as Bybit and Bitget, offer to climb VIP levels by holding many assets in USD on your account.

MEXC – Lowest Futures Trading Fees

  • MEXC Global now has the lowest futures maker trading fees, 0/0.01%.
  • MEXC has climbed to one of the 10th largest in derivative trading volumes.
  • MEXC is popular because of its generous non-KYC withdrawal limits.

MEXC Global, established in 2018, has become a prominent player in the cryptocurrency exchange market, catering to over 10 million users from more than 170 countries.

The platform is known for its diverse selection of over 2,050 cryptocurrencies and 1,650 trading pairs, making it a popular choice among traders of various skill levels.

MEXC Global’s futures trading feature stands out, offering trading instruments for multiple cryptocurrencies, including major ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Traders can leverage up to 200x and choose between perpetual and fixed-term contracts.

The platform is also attractive for its competitive trading fees, charging 0% for makers and a minimal 0.01% for takers in futures trading. Additionally, holding 1000 of the platform’s native MX token grants users a 50% discount on these fees.

How do you get lower futures trading fees on MEXC Global?

  • Users who hold 1,000 MX can enjoy the 50% trading fee discount (0%/0.01%).
  • MEXC has no official trading fee discounts, even if you reach a higher VIP tier level.
  • Pay your spot trading fees to get 20% rebate and pay your futures trading fees with the MX token to get a 10% discount.
Crypto Trading Platform Reviews Binance

Binance – Low Futures Trading Fees

➤Binance has the most trading volume for futures, perpetual trading volume, and low trading fees.

Binance futures and 10 reasons why to trade futures on Binance including low fees and highest liquidity

Binance offers extensive trading instruments, advanced trading tools, and robust risk management options. Key features include leverage, allowing traders to open positions with a fraction of the total cost, and margin requirements for initiating and maintaining positions. Binance Futures also employs funding rates to align index and futures prices.

To start trading, users need:

  1. A regular Binance account,
  2. Activate a Binance Futures account. This is often restricted to specific locations. In addition, there is a knowledge quiz to open the feature.

The platform’s interface includes Menu, Price Chart, Trading Activity Panel, and Margin Overview, facilitating comprehensive trading and risk management. Leverage can be manually adjusted, with higher leverage carrying increased liquidation risks.

Additionally, Binance Futures offers unique tools like free bot Grid Trading, which automatically executes orders within predefined price ranges, suitable for volatile and stagnant market conditions. Effective risk management is crucial in futures trading. Binance Futures emphasizes the importance of stop-loss and take-profit orders, judicious leverage management, and staying informed about market trends and news.

How do you get lower futures trading fees on Binance?

  1. VIP level by Trading volume or BNB balance: Reach a higher Binance VIP tier level by reaching a specific 30-day trading volume or keep a certain BNB balance to reach a higher VIP tier level.
  2. Pay your fees with the BNB coin: Get a 10% discount on Binance futures trading fees.: 
  3. Discount Code: Sign up for a 10% futures trading fee rebate with our referral discount code. In addition, you will get a 20% trading fee discount on spot trading fees.
Read more about Binance in our Binance review.
Bybit trading platform logoi

Bybit – Low Futures Trading Fees

➤Bybit is a popular crypto derivative trading platform with many perpetuals listed.

Bybit FAQ and answers crypto futures trading fees

Bybit provides various derivatives, including futures contracts with a set settlement date, perpetual contracts with no expiry (requiring funding fees for maintenance), inverse perpetual contracts using cryptocurrency for the final purchase, and USDC options with expiration dates but no obligation to fulfill upon maturity.

Fees on Bybit depend on the traded products, VIP level, and whether you’re a maker or taker. Fee structures are comparable to industry standards, with distinct levels for spot trading, contract trading, and USDC option trading. The Bybit VIP program offers reduced fees for higher-volume traders, and while there are no deposit fees, withdrawal fees vary based on the blockchain used.

How do you get lower futures trading fees on Bybit?

You can get lower futures trading fees on Bybit by reaching a higher VIP or Pro tier level

Your VIP level will be determined based on either one of the following:
  1. Your asset balance
  2. Average net borrowings (for leverage trading)
  3. Last 30-day trading volume (Spot or Futures or Options).

Read more about Bybit in our Bybit review.

➤Bybit arranges some of the best crypto trading events with the most generous rewards.

Balance: Include all balances on Bybit Earn

Derivative Volume: Excluding all USDC collateralized contracts

*% of Bybit´s total crypto derivative trading volume during the past 30 days (excluding USDC collateralized contracts)

The best part is you only need to meet the wallet balance or one of the trading volume requirements (if applicable) to be eligible for the corresponding fee tier.

OKX – Low Futures Trading Fees

➤OKX has among the most trading volumes in both the spot and derivative markets.

➤In addition, OKX has the most futures(310) and among the most perpetual markets(181) listed.

Here’s a summary of OKX futures trading, including exchange trading volume, trading pairs, and trading fees, compared to other dominant platforms like Bybit and Binance:

  1. Trading Volume: OKX has a significant 24-hour futures trading volume, reported to be around $20.84 billion. However, this volume is lower compared to Binance, which leads with over $53 billion in 24-hour futures trading volume. By comparison, Bybit’s 24-hour futures trading volume is approximately $4.34 billion, less than OKX and Binance.

  2. Trading Pairs: OKX supports a wide range of trading pairs, with currently 491 trading pairs available on its futures exchange. This variety provides traders with numerous options for diversifying their trading strategies.

  3. Trading Fees:

    • OKX charges a maker and taker fee of 0.02%/0.05% for futures trading. These fees are slightly higher than Binance’s futures trading fees, which are 0.02% for the maker fee and 0.04% for the taker fee.
    • By comparison, Bybit also offers derivatives and options trading with 0.02% Maker and 0.05% Taker fees, which aligns with OKX’s fee structure for futures trading.

This summary covers the critical aspects of OKX futures trading regarding trading volume, pairs, and fees compared to Bybit and Binance for a more comprehensive understanding.

  • R1-R5: Regular users are categorized into tiers by their total OKB holdings.
  • V1-V8: VIP users are categorized by 30-day trading volumes OR daily asset balances. Tiers are updated daily.

Bitget Futures Trading Fees

Bitget is a medium-sized crypto exchange in terms of the listed perpetuals(157) and crypto derivatives trading volume.

You can achieve lower futures trading fees by climbing the VIP tier levels by:

  • Futures trading volume or,
  • Your Bitget asset balance or,
  • Have a certain BGB balance.

Bitget Futures Trading is integral to Bitget, a leading cryptocurrency exchange established in 2018. Known for being one of the best copy trading platforms, Bitget serves over eight million users across more than 100 countries, actively promoting decentralized finance with a significant global workforce. The platform offers a range of trading products, including spot and futures trading, margin trading, P2P, and copy trading. It supports over 550 digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Specifically, in futures trading, Bitget has introduced innovative features like Futures Quant. This tool leverages a comprehensive database, including cryptocurrency market fundamentals, on-chain data, account trading statistics, and various metrics to enhance the trading experience. 

Additionally, Bitget offers Bitcoin futures contracts, which are crypto derivative products similar to traditional futures contracts. These contracts represent agreements between two parties to buy or sell a specified amount of Bitcoin at a predetermined time in the future.

How do you get lower futures trading fees on Bybit?

You reach a higher VIP tier level or(use our referral trading fee discount code.

  1. Use our trading fee discount referral code to get -20% off futures and spot trading fees.
  2. Trade a particular 30-day volume to reach a higher VIP tier level.
  3. Keep a certain USDT balance in your account to reach a higher VIP tier level.
  4. Keep a certain BGB balance in your account to reach a higher VIP tier level.

Read more about the Bitget Signup bonus, trading fees, and copy trading in the review.

HTX Futures Trading Fees – Discount Code

Futures trading fees on HTX exchange are determined by the type of contract, the market maker level, and the prime level of the trader. Market makers are traders who provide liquidity to the market by placing limit orders, while takers are traders who take liquidity from the market by placing market orders. HTX exchange offers different fee levels for market makers and takers, as well as different fee discounts for prime members.

The fee levels for market makers range from -0.015% to 0.00%, depending on the contract type and the market maker level. The market maker level is assessed based on the monthly accumulated weighted transaction volume and the monthly accumulated weighted depth. The fee levels for takers range from 0.025% to 0.0500%, depending on the contract type and the prime level. The prime level is assessed based on the 30-day cumulative spot trading volume, the 30-day cumulative futures trading volume, and the previous day’s total assets.

HTX exchange also offers a 12% fee discount for takers who pay with HT, the platform’s native token.

How do we reduce HTC trading fees?

  • Reduce spot fees with point cards.
  • Pay the fees with the HTX token.
  • Use our referral link when you sign up to get -30% off both spot trading and futures trading fees.
  • Achieve higher VIP tier levels by achieving a high spot trading volume, futures trading volume, or holding a certain balance on your account.

BTCC Futures Trading Fees

BTCC exchange has a maker-and-taker fee schedule similar to most crypto exchanges. However, the BTCC exchange has among the lowest crypto trading futures trading fees, especially for the default VIP0 level. The taker fees are competitive, and you can climb the crypto exchange VIP levels relatively fast. In addition, there are several ways to achieve a higher VIP level. You can both have an account value or a 30-day average trading volume.

BTCC exchange also offers trading fee coupons from the signup bonus and the spinning wheel, which can be used to cover trading fees.

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