Crypto Derivative Exchange with Lowest Fees for Futures and Perpetuals Trading

Crypto Derivative Exchange with Lowest Fees for Futures and Perpetuals Trading

In this article, we focus on the crypto derivative exchanges with the lowest fees for futures and perpetual.

We will cover some of the largest and top Bitcoin and crypto trading sites like Kucoin, Binance, Bybit, and FTX.

What are crypto derivative fees and how are they applied?

Crypto derivative fees are given as a percentage of the total trading amount per trade.

However, the fee scheduled varies and you will pay different crypto futures and perpetual fees on different platforms.

Also, the exchanges are using different strategies for giving discounts and rebates on your trading fees.

Here are some examples

  • Binance and Kucoin give -20% if you sign up via us.
  • Binance gives -10% on futures and perpetual fees if you pay the fees with the Binance Coin BNB
  • All trading platforms have a VIP or TIER program where you pay lower fees if you trade larger volumes. On Kucoin and Binance this can be exchangeable for holding their native coins on your exchange balance. For Kucoin, this is the Kucoin token KCS.
  • FTX gives you very good rebates if you stake their native coin FTT
  • Binance gives a very good fee schedule if you trade in BUSD-denominated futures rather than USDT-denominated futures, which are the most common among the exchanges.

Crypto Derivative Exchanges with the Lowest Fees for Futures and Perpetuals

So, which crypto derivative exchange is offering the best and most competitive fees for future and perpetual trading.

The short answer is Binance, especially if you trade their futures and perpetuals denominated in BUSD.

Let’s break it down, exchange by exchange.

Crypto Derivative Exchange with Lowest Fees for Futures and Perpetuals Trading for Binance, Kucoin, Bybit and FTX

Overview for Binance, Kucoin, FTX and Bybit maker and taker fee for futures trading. Binance fees are given for the BUSD denominated derivatives. Kucoin fees are given with a -20% rebate which you will get if you sign up via us. Kucoin is giving there fee schedule in Bitcoin while the other platforms are giving their fee schedule in USD. Here, we have used a BTC=50.000 USD value to be able to compare the fees in the same graph.

Binance Futures and Perpetuals Trading Fees

First of all, Binance has two different futures and perpetuals and they charge different fees for those.

There are USDT denominated and BUSD denominated futures and perpetuals.

In the screenshot below, you can compare the USDT and BUSD denominated futures maker and taker fee.

Also, you see the requirements for the different VIP levels. Here, you can either trade a certain amount or hold a certain amount of BNB in your account to reach the different VIP levels.

  1. To reach different Binance VIP levels, you can either meet the trading volume requirement or meet the BNB balance requirement.
  2. On Binance, you can trade either USDT or BUSD denominated futures. On most platforms you can only trade USDT denominated futures.
  3. In addition, you can pay your fees with the Binance Coin BNB to get -10% on all fees.
  4. Also, you can use our sign-up code to get -20% kickback on all fees charged by Binance.
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Kucoin Futures and Perpetuals Trading Fees

Kucoin futures and perpetual trading fees are very competitive against other cryptocurrency sites. Kucoin is one of the best Bitcoin and crypto futures trading platforms for US customers.

Kucoin trading fee levels are dependent on one of these

  • Kucoin KCS holding amount the last 30 days or 
  • Your spot trading volume last 30 days (Denominated in BTC)
  • Your futures trading volume last 30 days (Denominated in BTC)

Bybit Futures and Perpetuals Trading Fees

Bybit is a popular derivative trading platform with many perpetuals listed.

Also, they are offering competitive maker and taker fees according to the table below. 

Bybit crypto exchange trading volume is not as good as Binance and OKX but is similar to FTX

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Bybit perpetuals trading fees for USDT and BUSD futures and VIP levels

Bybit VIP levels and Pro levels requirements are specified in the table below.

The best part is, you only need to meet the wallet balance or one of the trading volume requirement (if applicable) to be eligible for the corresponding fee tier.

Bybit VIP levels and Pro levels requirements for trading volume

FTX Futures and Perpetuals Trading Fees

FTX has low trading fee for perpetuals and futures. In addition, you can get even lower fees by holding and staking FTT.

  • Table 1: Default Fees
  • Table 2: Trading fee rebate for holding FF
  • Table 3: Trading fee rebate for staking FTT (In addition to number 2)

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FTX deritivative and exchange fees for futures and perpetuals with rebate for holding and staking FTT