Delta Exchange Review 2023 – Is it legit?

The Delta Exchange review 2022 covers the crypto derivative trading platform in terms of  trading fees, trading products, trading volumes, native token DETO and more.

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What is Delta Exchange?

Delta Exchange is one of the top Bitcoin trading sites. Delta Exchange is most famous for derivative trading and is one of the best crypto option trading platforms.

Delta Exchange was founded in 2018 and is backed by marquee investors like Aave, Kyber Network, SinoGlobal Capital, QCP, LuneX, Gumi Cryptos, BR Capital, and CoinFund among others.

Delta Exchange Welcome Sign Up bonus $100

Delta exchange offers a free crypto sign-up bonus of up to $100.

Make a deposit in BTC/ETH/USDT/XRP and you will receive a top-up of 10% up to 100 USDT.

Make sure to understand the full terms and conditions of the Delta Exchange bonus.

You will not be able to withdraw the bonus and Delta Exchange will get the bonus amount back if you make profits out of it. Still, it’s $100 USDT free as can be seen as a risk-free trade.

Delta Exchange Trading Fees Review

Delta Exchange charges maker and taker fees on all trading products.


Delta Exchange Normal Trading Fees with no rebate

In the table below, you find the normal Delta Exchange trading fees on all trading products. It’s possible to reduce your trading fees by achieving a higher VIP level.

The VIP levels are determined by your average trading volume in the latest 30 days. Also, you can get even lower trading fees by holding the Delta Exchange native toke, DETO.


Delta Exchange VIP Trading Fees with discount

In the table below, you find the Delta Exchange VIP levels and trading fees.

Delta Exchange Spot Trading Trading

Delta Exchange is not very famous for spot trading since it only supports 5 cryptocurrencies and 6 trading pairs. The main reason Delta Exchange even support spot trading is to be more convenient for the traders when they switch between trading products and also to increase the deposit possibilities.

Delta Exchange Derivative Trading

Delta Exchange is definitely focused on crypto derivative and crypto option trading. Here, you find most of their trading products and trading volumes.


Delta Exchange lists 120 perpetual futures contracts and 20 traditional futures contracts.

Read more about futures trading volumes.


Delta Exchange is a crypto trading exchange focusing on crypto options trading. Here, you find crypto options for BTC, ETH, XRP, SOL, AVAX, MATIC, BNB, and LINK.

Read our full article about the best crypto option trading platforms.

Delta Exchange Robo Strategies

Delta exchange robo trading strategies 3 steps guide

Delta Exchange’s Robo strategies are very simple pre-programmed automated trading bots. You can easily start using the Delta Exchange crypto trading bots in 3 easy steps

  1. Browse the available automated trading strategies,
  2. Deposit capital (USDT) 
  3. Monitor your returns

Delta Exchange Robo Strategies

Delta Exchange has 5 pre-programmed automated crypto trading strategies available
  1. Top 20 Momentum – Taking long and short positions based on the short-term price momentum of all the top marketcap 20 cryptocurrencies.
  2. Defi Momentum – Aims to maximize holding periods in profitable Defi trades while minimizing loss-making Defi trades by taking on long or short positions based on the current price momentum.
  3. Top 2 Momentum – Similar to top 20 momentum but only focuses on Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  4. Cash Future Arbitrage – AMM Strategy, or the Automated Market Maker strategy, attempts to capture a temporary dynamic premium when people are willing to pay over the fair price for liquidity. 
  5. Large Cap AMM – aims to provide both bids and offers to the order books of BTCUSDT and ETHUSDT contracts listed on the Delta Exchange. Additionally, it limits its exposure and modifies its open orders based on current inventory and market conditions.
Read more about Delta Robo strategies and compare them with Kucoin trading bot strategies.

Delta Exchange MOVE Contracts

Delta Exchange MOVE contracts are a new class of derivative contracts on the Delta Exchange.

The value of the contract is proportional to the value of the moment of the underlying asset. The direction of the underlying is insignificant. It’s only relevant if the price of the underlying rises or falls and will be profitable as long as the movement is larger than the premium paid for the contract.

Delta Exchange MOVE contracts are perfect in market volatility and uncertainty since it will be profitable in either direction.

Read more about how to trade MOVE contracts on Delta or watch the video below.

Delta Exchange Staking Pools

Delta Exchange has four staking pools where you can earn passive income on your deposited capital.

The staking pools are available for

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. USDT
  4. DETO

Delta Exchange Token - DETO

The Delta Exchange native token, DETO, is an ERC-20 utility and rewards token.

Delta Exchange plans to create incentives for active traders and liquidity providers to participate in and contribute to the Delta Exchange ecosystem via

  • Delta Utility
  • Delta Rewards Program
  • Delta Buyback Program

Delta Utility

  • Trading fee payment method – Customers will have an option to pay 25% of their trading fees in DETO.
  • Collateral – Traders will be able to margin positions in DETO, even though the settlement will happen in BTC or USDT.
  • Future development – DETO margined & settled financial products + DETO denominated insurance fund

Delta Rewards Program

Delta Exchange plans to create a rewards program centered around the Delta Exchange native token, DETO. Delta Exchange will reward DETO to active participants in the Delta ecosystem. 

delta Exchange has committed 100 million DETO (20% of the token supply) to the rewards pool. They plan to distribute these tokens roughly over a 12-18 month period. This means about 200,000 DETO will be given as rewards daily for participating in farming, mining, or staking on Delta Exchange.

Delta Buyback Program

Delta Exchange plans to use 25% of the trading fees that Delta Exchange earns from the trading fees paid in DETO. 

This action will reduce the circulating supply.

The DETO buyback program will begin in June 2021 and will continue at least until 50% of the supply hard cap (i.e., 375mn DETO) has been bought back. 

Delta Exchange Account Security

Delta Exchange

  • 2FA – Google Authenticator – two methods (also referred to as authentication factors) to verify your identity.
  • Account Activity – See the latest login activity and the possibility to log out other sessions
  • Password – Normal password to access your account
  • Safe Session Duration – If enabled, your login session expires 10 minutes after the browser/tab is closed or after 24 hours post login.
  • Identity Verification – Complete the KYC verification to increase your withdrawal limits
  • Address Management – save withdrawal addresses and assign them appropriate labels.

Delta Exchange VS Deribit

If Deribit is the best crypto options trading platform, Delta Exchange is not far behind. Deribit has great liquidity and trading volume and offers crypto options trading for Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, and Solana SOL.

While Delta Exchange has a lower trading volume, they offer a wider selection of crypto options. Delta Exchange has listed options for  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, Binance Coin, and Chainlink.

In addition, Delta Exchange has more Perpetuals and the in-house robo strategies.

Delta Exchange Logo
Deribit Crypto Option Trading Site Logo

Delta Exchange VS Binance

In terms of almost anything, Binance is way ahead of Delta Exchange. Binance has more trading features, more trading volumes, more listed cryptocurrencies, and more listed trading pairs.

However, when it comes to crypto trading options, in-house trading bots, and a $100 free crypto sign-up bonus.

Delta Exchange Logo
binance logo