Deribit Review 2022 - Legit Crypto Options Exchange with Low Fees

Deribit Signup Bonus 50 USDC – Futures Trading Fees – Review 2024

Deribit Options Trading Fees – Summary

Deribit Signup Bonus

Deribit Signup Bonus 50 USDC – Futures Trading Fees – Review 2024

Deribit Options Trading Fees – Discount Code

Deribit Trading Fees Free for spot trading Bitcoin and Ethereum

Deribit Trading Fees Free for spot trading Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Deribit charges low trading fees for crypto options and crypto futures.

ContractsMaker FeeTaker Fee
BTC Weekly Futures-0.01% (rebate)0.05%
BTC Futures/Perpetual0.00%0.05%
ETH Futures/Perpetual0.00%0.05%
BTC/ETH Options0.03% of the underlying or 0.0003 BTC/ETH per options contract0.03% of the underlying or 0.0003 BTC/ETH per options contract
Please note: Options fees can never exceed 12.5% of the options price. For example, if an option is traded at 0.0001 BTC, the taker fee will be 0.0000125 BTC (instead of 0.0003 BTC), therefore 12.5% of 0.0001 BTC.

When signing up with Cryptocointrade, you will receive a 10% discount on trading fees for the first six months.

Deribit Crypto Options Trading Wizard

Let Deribits crypto option trading Wizard calculate the optimal strategy based on your price assumption targets. See step-by-step.

Deribit Crypto Options Trading Wizard Step by Step Instructions

Deribit Crypto Options Trading Wizard Step-by-Step Instructions.

  1. Choose Bitcoin BTC or Ethereum ETH options.
  2. Set your price target.
  3. Set the date for your price target.
  4. How much do you want to invest?
  5. Let the Deribit wizard calculate the optimal strategy for you.

What is Deribit Crypto Exchange?

Deribit is a crypto derivatives trading site with a focus on option trading. Initially launched in the Netherlands, Deribit relocated to Panama to better navigate the global regulatory environment, especially given the platform’s high-leverage offerings.

Deribit Option trading interface screenshot

Deribit Option trading interface screenshot.

Deribit Features Summary

  1. Derivatives Trading:

    • Deribit is specialized in futures and options trading for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). This allows traders to speculate on the price movements of these assets without owning the actual cryptocurrencies.
  2. Perpetual Contracts:

    • These are a type of futures contract without an expiration date. They are designed to track the spot price of the underlying asset closely.
  3. European-Style Options:

    • These options can only be exercised at the expiration date, not before, and they are cash-settled. This offers traders flexibility in executing various trading strategies.
  4. High Leverage:

    • The platform provides high leverage for trading, allowing users to amplify their potential gains (and losses). This makes it suitable for seasoned traders who understand the associated risks.
  5. Insurance Fund:

    • Deribit maintains an insurance fund to protect against systemic losses. This fund is designed to prevent the auto-deleveraging of traders’ positions and cover system losses if they occur.
  6. Security Measures:

    • The majority of user funds are held in cold storage.
    • Offers Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for additional security.
    • Real-time audits of its accounts to ensure user funds are fully backed.
  7. Trading Tools & API:

    • Comprehensive real-time charting tools and order book visibility.
    • A robust API designed for algorithmic traders to automate their trading strategies.
  8. Competitive Fee Structure:

    • The fee structure is designed to encourage liquidity, often giving rebates for makers (those who add liquidity to the market) while charging fees for takers (those who remove liquidity).
  9. User Interface:

    • While the platform is designed with professional crypto traders in mind, offering detailed dashboards and many tools, it might be challenging for beginners to navigate due to the nature of derivatives trading.
  10. Customer Support:

  • Multiple support channels, including live chat and email.
  • Provides educational materials and guides to help users understand complex trading strategies and derivative products.

Deribit Crypto Options Trading

Options trading on Deribit is a central feature that caters to advanced traders who wish to engage in the cryptocurrency market through a derivative that offers them the right, but not the obligation, to buy (call option) or sell (put option) Bitcoin or Ethereum at a specified price (strike price) on a predetermined date (expiry).

Here are the critical aspects of options trading on Deribit:

  • Product Types: Deribit offers European-style options, meaning they can only be exercised at expiration and are cash-settled based on the difference between the asset and strike prices.

  • BTC and ETH Options: While many platforms offer a broader array of assets, Deribit focuses on options for Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two most prominent cryptocurrencies.

  • Customization: Traders can select from a range of strike prices and expiry dates, offering the flexibility to tailor their trading strategies to different market views and risk appetites.

  • High Liquidity: Deribit is known for its high liquidity in the options market, which is crucial for traders to enter and exit positions with minimal slippage.

  • Pricing Models: The platform utilizes a pricing model that includes factors such as the underlying asset price, strike price, time to expiration, volatility, and the risk-free interest rate to determine the premium of an option.

  • Risk and Leverage: Options allow traders to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies with less capital than buying the actual asset. However, the premium paid for the option can be lost if the market does not move in the anticipated direction.

  • Tools and Analytics: Deribit provides traders with various analytical tools to model and forecast potential outcomes. The platform also features a volatility chart and an options book with an intuitive interface.

  • Margin and Settlement: Options trading on Deribit are margined, meaning traders must maintain a certain amount of funds in their accounts to cover potential losses. Profits and losses are settled in cash (or the equivalent cryptocurrency), not the underlying asset.

  • Advanced Orders: Traders can use advanced order types, such as limit orders, stop-limit orders, and post-only orders, to better manage their trades.

  • Security and Infrastructure: Deribit maintains robust security protocols, including offline cold storage for funds, real-time auditing, and 2FA to safeguard users’ accounts.

In summary, options trading on Deribit offers sophisticated traders a comprehensive and liquid environment to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum options. The platform provides the analytical tools and flexibility to execute various option-based strategies. However, the complex nature of options and the inherent risks associated with leverage and margin trading demand a thorough understanding of these financial instruments before engaging in such trades. 

Deribit is the number one crypto options trading platform and holds most crypto options trading liquidity overall. As you can see in the screenshot below, Deribit claims to have 97% ETH market share, 90% BTC market share, and 100% Solana market share of all options available. 

Since Solana SOL options are listed on other exchanges (Delta Exchange), you must take these numbers as an indicator rather than the absolute truth.

Deribit crypto option trading dominance for ETH, BTC and SOL screenshot

What is the minimum order size for options?

Currently, 0.1 Bitcoin or 1 Ethereum.

Deribit Security Review – Is it legit and safe?

Deribit is the brand under DRB Panama Inc, a corporation incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Panama, registered at the (Mercantile) Record No 155684990, Panama City, Republic of Panama.

Deribit keeps more than 99% of our customer deposits in cold storage. The majority of funds are stored in vaults with multiple bank safes.

Still, crypto derivatives entail high financial trading risk. Also, there is an additional counterparty risk with a centralized exchange like Deribit.

Is Deribit Regulated?

Any international financial regulatory authorities do not regulate Deribit crypto exchange.

Deribit Account KYC and Verification

To create an account and make the KYC verification process, you should

  1. Go to Deribit and signup to create an account
  2. Register your email address, password, and country of residence to open your trading accounts.
  3. After this, there is a process of ID and KYC verification.

Deribit KYC requirements

  • Personal details (full name, residential address details, country of residence, date of birth)

  • Identification document (passport, driver’s license, ID card)

  • Liveness check (camera required) NEW

  • Proof of residence (bank statement, utility bill, credit card statement, document local authorities, tax bill) 

Additional information or documentation can be requested at the discretion of our Compliance team.

Deribit crypto exchange AML and KYC policy summary screenshot

Deribit VS Bybit

Deribit is a smaller and more niche crypto exchange than Bybit.

Bybit offers a wide selection of trading features, including:

Perpetuals, Inverse perpetual, USDC perpetual, Options trading, Margin trading, Spot trading, Leveraged tokens, Copy trading, Crypto trading competitions and contents, Bybit earn, Bybit NFT, Bybit card, and more.

  • Deribit supports futures, options, and perpetuals.
  • Deribit only accepts Bitcoin deposits.

Conclusion: If you want to trade crypto options, Deribit is a great place to do this. If you are about to trade other derivatives like perpetual or futures, go with Bybit.

Deribit Pros And Cons


  • Great liquidity for crypto option trading
  • 100x leveraged Bitcoin BTC futures
  • 50x leveraged Ethereum ETH futures
  • 10x leveraged options for trading for BTC.


  • Not legal in the USA, Canada, and Japan.
  • No fiat account (It’s possible to buy crypto via a third party but this usually means high fees)
  • Not regulated

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