Gate IO Review 2022 with Fees and Token Is it legit

Gate IO Review 2022 with Fees and Token – Is it legit?

Gate io is one of the top Bitcoin and altcoin trading sites with many crypto trading features.

Here, you can find anything you are looking for like many listed markets for spot trading, margin trading, crypto futures, perpetual, flash swap, crypto options, leveraged ETFs, warrants and copy trading.

In addition, Gate io has other online crypto products like cloud mining, liquidity mining, margin lending and more.

What is Gate IO?

Gate Io is one of the best crypto exchanges in many categories.

Is safe?

Is legit?

When was founded?

Where is Gate io Headquarters located?

Can I trade on without KYC?

Does allow US customers?

Does has a signup welcome bonus or referral code?

Why should I trade on on Social Media on Customer Service Email Sign Up Welcome Bonus offers some great sign up bonuses.

You can get

  • $30 after the first deposit
  • $100 after the first trade
  • $5.500 after successful trades

Note: The distributions are in points and USDTtest. See the signup bonus full terms and conditions.

Gate io sign up welcome bonus with referral code

Gate IO Trading Features

In the table below, we have listed all the Gate Io trading features with a short explanation. Gate IO has many crypto trading features compared to many other crypto exchanges.

Gate IO Earn Review and Summary

Gate io Earn is a great feature to earn on your HODLing cryptocurrencies. Here, you find many alternatives to invest your cryptocurrencies, all listed in the table below with a short explanation.

Gate IO Points and GT token

  • You can earn GatePoints (POINT) by completing certain tasks on the platform. The POINTS can be used to pay trading fees. POINT is used in the system to deduct trading fees at a rate 1 POINT = 1 USDT.
  • GateToken (GT) is the exchange token of exchange and the native token to the Gatechain public chain. By holding the GateToken you can reach higher VIP tier levels and pay lower trading fees.   


GT became an exchange token of formally on March 2, 2020, with the new name “GateToken”. GT is a significant part of the ecosystem.

Gate IO Mobile App Review

Here is a summary of the mobile app ratings from Google Play and the App Store. 

As you can see, the ratings are not very high, and the number of downloads is decent.

If you are looking for trading apps with a higher rating and more number of downloads you can check Binance, Bybit, and Coinbase. Mobile App Downloads

Gate IO Trading Fees - Spot and Futures

Gate IO offers competitive trading fees for the spot, futures, and derivatives markets.

However, they don’t offer the lowest crypto spot trading fees or the lowest crypto derivative trading fees.

But there are ways to lower the listed trading fees for Gate IO.

  1. 30% off by using our referral link
  2. Pay the trading fees with Points
  3. Pay the trading fees with the GT token. Only applicable for the spot market

Gate IO Spot Trading Fees

Gate IO lists spot market fees for maker and taker are 0.2%

  • You can reduce the fees by up to 30-70% by paying them with Points (1Point=1USD).

Gate IO Futures Trading Fees

Gate IO listed futures trading fees are


  • You can reduce the fees by up to 30-70% by paying them with Points (1Point=1USD).

What is a market order VS limit order?

A market order pays taker fees, and a limit order pays the maker fees. A market order takes liquidity out of the market. A limit order creates liquidity in the market (makes liquidity).

Gate IO Trading Volume Review

Gate io has decent trading volumes for both the spot markets and the derivative markets. 

Gate IO Spot Trading Volume Review

Gate io has 6th place among crypto exchanges with a reliable reporting to Coingecko of trading volumes. The trust score indicates how verifiable the actual trading volume is.

Gate IO spot trading volumes from Coingecko

Gate IO Futures Trading Volume Review

Gate IO ranks a bit lower for futures trading volume compared to spot trading volume. As you can see in the Coingecko screenshot below, Gate IO ranks 14th place for the derivative trading volume. Read more about perpetual trading in our article about the best Bitcoin BTC perpetual contract with the highest leverage.

Gate IO Listed Markets Review

Gate io has many listed markets and this is one of their value proposition. Here, you find many listed cryptocurrencies for spot market trading and the mote listed perpetual contracts for any single crypto exchange.

Gate IO Listed Spot Markets

Gate IO has among the most listed markets and cryptocurrencies among all centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges.

Here, you find 1402 coins and 2625 trading pairs.

Gate IO Listed Derivative Markets

Gate IO has the most listed perpetual crypto trading contracts of all exchanges. As you can see in the derivative volume trading screenshot above, they have an impressive 294 listed perpetuals. Gate io is among the best crypto leverage trading platforms according to our comparison

Gate IO Security Review

What is the fund password?

There are two different passwords for using the crypto exchange.

  • The login password is the password to log in to your crypto exchange account.
  • The fund password is used when you approve trading and withdrawing assets. You may reset the fund password by clicking the “Settings tab” on the top to access the settings page. Then click “Change fund password” on the left panel of the page to change it.

I forgot my fund password, how to reset?

Follow these steps to reset your fund password if you forgot it or lost it

  • Click Settings on the top of the webpage
  • Click Change fund password on the left panel of the page
  • Enter your email and login password, and the captcha code. Click submit
  • Access your email to find the resetting message.

Gate IO Supported Countries and Geo Restrictions

Use of the Gate Io crypto exchange by users from the United States of America, Mainland China, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Malta, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Crimea region, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Kyrgyzstan are prohibited.

In addition, many users in Hong Kong China, the UK (retail users only), Netherlands, Germany, France, Lithuania, and Italy are prohibited from using products and services provided by this website other than spot trading.

Read more in Gate IO full terms and conditions. Proof of Reserves By 3rd Party Aramino was the first major crypto exchange to introduce the Merkle tree proof of funds audited by an independent 3rd party service. has hired Aramino LLP, the most common auditor for proof of reserves regarding crypto trading platforms.

Check the latest performed proof of reserves by Aramino LLP on the status of

Armanino observes holdings in the custody of bitcoin and ether assets. The last audit showed that hold more than 100% of BTC and ETH platform liabilities.

Kraken and Nexo are also using Aramino LLP.

Verification and KYC Requirements

It’s mandatory to obatin KYC ID Verification at for all users.

Only after your account has obtained KYC ID verification can you withdraw funds, use credit cards or debit cards to buy cryptocurrencies, and participate in Startup projects.

Gate IO KYC withdrawal limits

1) New accounts will have an initial withdrawal limit of $100,000 USDT
2) Accounts that have passed KYC1 check will have a 2,000,000 USDT withdrawal limit.
3) Accounts that have passed KYC2 check will have a 5,000,000 USDT withdrawal limit

Your transaction might be flagged by the system and require KYC even if it’s within the above limits and then you will have to perform KYC1 and KYC2.

How long time does KYC take on exchange?

The processing time for KYC and identity verification can take up to half an hour to 12 hours.

If you have any withdrawals in verification status (KYC required), you have to go through both KYC1 and KYC2. 

Gate IO Copy Trading

Gate io copy trading is one of the largest social and mirror trading communities with 2.283.686 active strategies with a total of $3.10B in assets under management and 392.111 copies.

Read more about what crypto trading is in our article about the best crypto copy and social trading sites.

Gate IO Crypto Trading Competitions

Gate IO is a large crypto exchange with many incitements for signing up and starting trading. One of them is the trading competitions with great prize pools and rewards.

Follow this link to see all the current best crypto trading competitions with the highest prize pools and rewards.

Gate IO Frequently Asked Questions

What is the funding rate?

Funding rates are periodic payments to long or short traders based on the difference between the perpetual contract market and the spot price. Read full details about the funding rate and calulations.

Where do I find the transaction history on

Follow these steps

  • Click on order in the top menu.
  • Go to “Classic Account”
  • Now go to “Spot Orders”
  • From here, click again “Spot orders” in the left menu
  • Now you can click “Trade history” and from here you can also download your transaction history.

How to create an API on

Click on the profile icon (a man in a circle) on the top menu. Go to “API management”. From here, you can manage your API keys.

How to recover a lost Google Auth on

If you have lost your phone or uninstalled Google/Gate authenticator code you have to contact support at