Gate io VS Binance crypto exchange wallpaper feature image VS Binance – Which is best? and Binance are both top trading sites for cryptocurrency in many aspects.

Here we compare the two giants in terms of

  • Signup bonus, US regulation, Trading fees, Spot and Derivative markets, Copy trading, Trading bots, Trading competitions, academies, earn section and security features. VS Binance – Which is best? VS Binance – SignUp Bonus with Referral Code signup welcome bonus with our referral code gives 20% off all futures trading fees and 20% off all spot trading fees. In addition, you can get $30 for your first deposit, $100 after your first trade, and an additional $5.500 for more trades performed.

The Binance referral code gives 20% off all spot trading fees. VS Binance – US Customers

Both and Binance restrict US customers from using the platforms. Binance has introduced Binance US for US customers. VS Binance – Trading Fees and Binance have among the lowest crypto spot trading fees and additional incitements to get even lower trading fees.

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In addition, both crypto exchanges have some of the lowest futures trading fees.

However, there are ways to even get lower trading fees, for example, by paying the fees with their native token, as you can see in the table below.

*If you pay with the native token from the exchange.

VIP: VIP= 0 is the lowest trading fee level while 9 is the highest at Binance and 16 the highest at

Summary VS Binance trading fees:

  • Binance has the lowest fees for low-volume spot trading
  • has the lowest fees for high-volume spot trading
  • has in general lower maker fees for futures trading while Binance has lower fo taker futures trading
  • can’t compete with the Binance futures settled in BUSD regarding trading fees VS Binance – Spot Markets has the most spot markets of any top crypto trading site. Still, Binance has many coins listed. has the most spot markets of any top crypto trading sites. Still, Binance has many coins listed. VS Binance – Perpetuals and Futures

There are three main criteria you should consider to compare before you select what crypto trading site to use for your perpetual and futures trading

  • Number of markets
  • Liquidity 
  • Trading fees, including the interest rate on borrowed funds

See our article about the best crypto derivative exchange. VS Binance – Leveraged Tokens

Those aspects are important to compare regarding leveraged tokens.

  • Number of markets
  • Available leverage
  • Liquidity 
  • Trading fees (complicated with leveraged tokens)

Leveraged Tokens Trading Fees charges a daily management fee of 0.1% for leveraged tokens.
The daily management fee at includes all costs incurred by trading leveraged tokens, including handling fees of contract trades, funding fees, and frictional expenses due to price differences when opening positions.

Number of Leveraged Tokens

See our full article about the best leveraged token crypto trading sites. VS Binance – Options

Crypto options allow you to buy or sell a cryptocurrency at a specific time in the future.

  • Binance has BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, and BNB/USDT crypto options.
  • Get. io offers BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT options. VS Binance – Copy Trading

Social trading allows for sharing trading ideas in a social network and often includes copy trading, where you can opt-in to copy all trades from a specific trader. To browse different traders and their portfolios, particular filtering tools should be like historical performance, current holdings, strategy, and more.

  • Binance has a feature similar to copy trading called “Strategy trading”.
  • has a copy-trading feature

Read more about all the best crypto copy trading sites. VS Binance – Paper Trading

Paper trading is the same as a demo account where you can trade with fake money to try your strategies and the user interface.

  • Binance has a feature called “Mock Trading”
  • has a paper trading feature. VS Binance – Trading Bot

  • Binance has a feature similar to copy trading called “Strategy trading.” Here, you can simply create your automated strategies or copy others.
  • has a feature called Strategy bot. VS Binance – Competitions and Binance arrange crypto trading competitions with significant prize pools continuously.

Binance has more excellent prize pools since they have a more extensive user base, but tends to arrange tournaments more often.

Read our dedicated article about the best crypto trading competitions to stay current. VS Binance – Security

The table below compares the VS Binance account and login security features. First, we describe them one-by-one

2FA: Two Factor Authentication is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password. 2FA can be set up via Google Auth, Phone, or Security Key (e.g., Yubikey).

Trading Password: A separate password for executing trading

Whitelist IP: Only specific IP addresses can access the account

Whitelist withdrawal addresses: Withdrawals can only be made to preset addresses, and it is a 24h delay to add a new address or change an existing one.

Email phrase: Protect your account from phishing attempts and ensure your notification emails are from Binance/

Login phrase: Displayed in the login window when logging.

Withdrawal safety phrase: tamper-proofing picture, the confirmation window will include the anti-phishing code you have set before

Girl sitting on the floor studying crypto books to get educated in trading VS Binance – Academy and Binance offer some of the best free crypto trading courses in their academies. VS Binance – Earn and Binance have different approaches and alternatives to making extra money.

Both crypto exchanges support

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