How to Buy Crypto with SEPA Payment on KuCoin

How to Buy Crypto with SEPA Payment on KuCoin

Kucoin is a top Bitcoin and altcoin crypto exchange.

Kucoin repeatedly ranks among the best crypto exchanges in our comparisons regarding trading fees, spot and futures trading volume, lowest crypto trading spread, and most listed cryptocurrencies and trading pairs.

What is Kucoin?

Kucoin is a top altcoin crypto exchange that supports over 600+ tradable assets. Kucoin is among the best five crypto trading platforms concerning

In addition, Kucoin was awarded the “Best Crypto App of 2022 for enthusiasts” by The Ascent. Kucoin is like a home for crypto gems, and several listed crypto gems listed on Kucoin have seen a fantastic performance.

Kucoin is known as the “People’s Exchange” since it’s built for all classes of investors.

What is SEPA Payment?

SEPA is a cheap and fast cross-border Euro payment system created by the European Union.

KuCoin now supports SEPA deposits and withdrawals with EUR for European users. This allows for 36 nationalities to use the easiest fiat-on-ramp and off-ramp services. Furthermore, after deposited EUR to your Kucoin account, you can use the balance to purchase crypto-assets such as USDT through Fast Buy.

The Advantages of Buying Crypto With SEPA Payment on KuCoin

What are the advantages of buying crypto with SEPA payment on Kucoin?

There are several pros for you to purchasing crypto on Kucoin with a EUR SEPA transfer,

● Easy-to-use (See our step-by-step guide)
● Zero deposit fees
● Up to 1 million EUR in a single deposit (Kucoin KYC verification needed)
● High security with SEPA transfers
● Supports EUR withdrawal service for low costs

SEPA is always cheaper than credit or debit card deposits. The only drawback of SEPA is that they are not as fast as credit or debit card deposits. However, SEPA transfers can be made during a single bank day, so they are relatively fast compared to older bank transfer systems and settlements. While SEPA is a free deposit methods credit and debit card deposits charge 2-4% in commission.

Step-by-Step Guide To Buying Crypto Via SEPA on KuCoin

What are the advantages of buying crypto with SEPA payment on Kucoin VS using a credit or debit card?

  1. Sign up with Kucoin and log in
  2. Complete the KYC verification (Read more about Kucoin KYC verification and limits)
  3. Click on the “Wallet symbol” and after the “Deposit button” in the top menu when you are logged in to your Kucoin account. See the screenshot below.

Find the wallet symbol in the Kucoin top menu to the right. Here, click on the wallet symbol and “Deposit”.

4. After this, click on the  “Deposit Fiat” button

5. Now, choose “EUR” and “Bank Transfer SEPA” according to the screenshot below.

Deposit EUR with SEPA bank transfer sceenshot from Kucoin

Once you are in the Kucoin deposit section, click on EUR and SEPA.

6. Read your payment instructions and details carefully to complete a transfer from your bank account.

Incorrect format:

1. U17E7678A325 – Your Name

2. Reference Note: U17E7678A325 

3. U17E7678A325 KuCoin

Correct format (example): U17E7678A325

Kucoin SEPA Deposit VS Kucoin Express

Kucoin express is another way to deposit and buy cryptocurrencies in Kucoin.

All the listed payment methods below are more expensive than SEPA transfers but can be convenient if you already hold money in any of these online banks and e-wallets.

Otherwise, SEPA transfer is preferred over all the listed Kucoin express payment methods below. SEPA is a high secure payment option with very low fees hard to find with other deposit options.

Other payment methods are listed. As you can see there are many alternatives. However, be aware that fees for these deposit methods are in general higher than for SEPA.

Kucoin Welcome Bonus and Sign up offers

Kucoin has one welcome bonus and a great sign-up offer.

  • New users have a chance to receive a blind box with rewards worth up to 500 USDT
  • New sign-ups will get -20% on all fees if you sign up via Cryptocointrade
In addition to the two above great welcome bonuses and sign-up offers, Kucoin does already have among the lowest trading fees on the market. Also, you can lower the trading fees aven more by holding the native token and pay your trading fees in the native token (KCS).

Read more about the Kucoin welcome bonus and sign-up offer.