How to Find Your Next Crypto Gem on KuCoin Gems from 2021 on Kucoin

How to Find Your Next Crypto Gem on KuCoin

Kucoin is one of the top altcoin exchanges and one of the best places to go if you are looking to invest in a new crypto gem.

In the image above you can see the top 5 crypto gems listed on Kucoin in 2021.

A Crypto gem is a cryptocurrency or token which is undervalued but with a great potential of delivering massive gains.

These new coins often have a very low marketcap and price and are therefore hard to find.

You have to spot it before it reaches mainstream adoption or the social media hype.


What is Kucoin?

Kucoin is a top 5 crypto trading platform and was awarded as the Best Crypto App of 2022 for enthusiasts by The Ascent.

Kucoin is one of the best places to look for the next crypto gem since they list many new cryptocurrencies and is considered the number 1 altcoin exchange with over 600+ tradable assets.

Historically, many crypto gems have been listed on KuCoin with a fantastic performance, and in the post-intro image, you can see the top 5 Kucoin listing gems for 2021.

Among these reasons, Kucoin is known as the “People’s Exchange” and is built for all classes of investors with many cryptocurrencies and the lowest crypto spot trading fees.

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Why KuCoin is the Investor’s Choice to Find a High ROI Token?

Kucoin is one of the best crypto exchanges for altcoins and the opportunity to find the best gem.

What criteria have the best altcoin exchange and a perfect place to look for gems?

  1. The crypto exchange needs to support the gem you are looking for (The crypto site must list many crypto trading pairs to increase this chance). See Kucoin listed cryptocurrencies and futures compared to other trading exchanges
  2. The crypto exchange must attract liquidity in the markets. See Kucoin crypto exchange volume
  3. The crypto trading site should have low fees to make it attractive. Compare Kucoin crypto spot market trading fees with other trading platforms.
  4. Easy fiat on-ramp possibilities to buy crypto

Kucoin supports more than +600 digital assets, offers significant crypto exchange trading volume, and has the lowest fees on the market for crypto spot trading. In addition, Kucoin provides SEPA bank transfer payment deposit options for EU citizens.

In addition, Kucoin offers multiple passive income opportunities such as Kucoin lending and the free Kucoin automated trading bot with no programming skills required.


How to Find the Next Crypto Gem on KuCoin

Here we present some essential tips on how you can increase your chances of finding and investing in a crypto gem on Kucoin

You should


How to follow Kucoin new coin and token listings?

You must follow the Kucoin listings to be updated on new potential gems. It’s important to be updated and early buyers on the new projects and listings to have a chance of taking part in the great potential.


How to take part in Kucoin spotlight's token sale?

How do you get access to the Kucoin spotlight token sale?

Follow these steps

  1. Sign up and create a Kucoin account and login
  2. You find Kucoin spotlight by clicking “Earn” in the top menu and going for “Spotlight.” See screenshot below
  3. Click on any project you are interested in and make sure you have completed the pre-criteria. See more in the following image screenshot

Find the Kucoin Spotlight section by navigate to “Earn” and “Spotlight”.

In the screenshot below you can see the criteria to invest in the Kucoin spotlight.

You can click on each image to get further information in your Kucoin login area.

    A. Pass KYC2 (Advanced Verification); 

     B. Check the ‘Countries Not Supported’ list to confirm that you are allowed to invest

     C. Read and agree to the ‘Purchase Agreement’. 


Make sure to finish KYC verification, control that your country is supported, and read the purchase agreement before taking part in the spotlight token sale.

Click ‘Token Sale Participation Rules’ to review the official announcement of the token sale on KuCoin Spotlight for all the details. 

Then click ‘Participate Now’ to join the Spotlight. When you see ‘Participated Successfully’, it means that you are successfully subscribed to this project’s token sale.  



How to participate in Kucoin BurningDrop?

Kucoin lists some new coins with high potential in their Burningdrop feature. You find the available Kucoin burningdrop by clicking “Earn” and “Kucoin Earn” according to the screenshot below. 

After this, look for the “Burning Drop” tab. Here, users can mine by staking USDT/KCS/ETH assets. 

The Burningdrop feature is very popular and it’s very hard to secure an allocation.

Usually, the subscription period lasts for hours and the staking period for days or weeks.
Subscription period: When a user can subscribe to the project on Kucoin BurningDrop
Staking period: For how long your staked assets are locked.

Find the Kucoin Burning Drop section by navigate to “Earn” and “Kucoin Earn”. After this, look for the Burning Drop tab.

Kucoin Trading Features Summary Review

Kucoin is a great trading platform and below we have summarized some of the best properties associated with Kucoin