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Kucoin Review Referral Code

Here is our Kucoin review with a referral code for -20% off trading fees.

This article includes

  • Kucoin reputable scores
  • Common questions about Kucoin
  • Kucoin features a summary in the table
  • Fees, Mobile app, Trading bot, Pros and Cons etc.

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Is Kucoin trustworthy?

*Trust Score is calculated on various metrics such as liquidity, the scale of operations, cybersecurity score, and more.

What is Kucoin crypto exchange?

Kucoin is one of the largest crypto exchanges, and many attract many people due to the many altcoin listings, the launchpad, and the super low fees.

Where is Kucoin headquarters located?

Can I trade on Kucoin without KYC?

Does Kucoin allow US traders?

Does Kucoin charge low trading fees?

Does Kucoin has a trading bot?

Does Kucoin has a mobile app?

Is there a referral code to get the Kucoin Welcome Bonus?

Kucoin Customer Service

Why should I trade on Kucoin?

Kucoin Exchange Review Summary

Below you find a summary of the most essential features and numbers of Kucoin.

Kucoin Spot Trading Fees Review

See the spot trading fees and the futures trading fees on Kucoin in the table below.

As for almost all exchanges, the fees are categorized into trading levels, and Kucoin has levels (LV) 0-12. 

LV0-LV12: Your Kucoin fee level depends on

  • Min KCS Holding Last 30 Days or,
  • Spot Trading Volume Last 30 Days (BTC) or,
  • Futures Trading Volume Last 30 Days (BTC)

*Fees paid with KCS token

A-C: All cryptocurrencies belong to a particular class for Kucoin trading fees. All large-cap cryptocurrencies with a lot of liquidity in the market belong to class A and the fee schedule above. You might want to check the B and C trading fees if you are about to trade small altcoins.

Comment: Kucoin’s crypto spot trading fees are among the lowest compared to all crypto exchanges.

Kucoin Futures Trading Fees Review

See a complete comparison between the top crypto trading sites regarding the lowest crypto futures trading fees.

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Kucoin Mobile App Review

Find the Kucoin mobile app with the links below. Don’t forget to use our referral code even when you sign up for the mobile app.

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Kucoin Trading Bot Review

You will find summaries of all available Kucoin crypto trading bots in the table below.

If you are more interested in trading bots, you must check out our guide about Kucoin trading bots.

Kucoin KYC withdrawal limits

KuCoin logo

What is Kucoin Earn?

KuCoin Earn is a collection of features that allows users to earn passive income.

It currently supports over 50 assets and various products such as Savings, Staking, Flexible Staking Promotion & Fixed Staking Promotion, and more.

One of the features is ETH 2.0 staking, where you can earn passive income on your idle ETH holdings. Read more about the best exchanges and rewards to stake ETH 2.0.

Kucoin Pros and Cons

Find our summary of Kucoin’s pros and cons below.