Morpher Trading App Review

Morpher Trading Review with FREE 100 MPH Airdrop

The Morpher trading platform and app has chance to become on of the best crypto trading sites, in the long run. At the moment, they are a startup with a disruptive idea that have great chances to challenge all trading platforms.


Morpher has created a trading platform which aims to solve the main problems with any trading today.

In this Morpher trading review we will describe what the trading platform is and why we believe this trading platform is going to be huge in a couple of years.

Don´t forget to the the video where the founder, Martin Froehler, pitch the idea and describes it very well.

One of the best things with Moprher is that they offer trading cryptocurrencies for ZERO fees and you can compare this with the crypto trading sites with the lowest fees.

Enjoy your reading and make sure to claim your 100 MPH free tokens.

About this Moprher Trading Review

In this Morpher trading review we will describe what the morpher token is, the advantages with Morpher trading and how you get 100 MPH free from the Morpher Airdrop.

Morpher designed a completely new trading platform. Morpher offers virtual futures 24/7 with zero fees and infinite liquidity.

It means you can trade anytime, any  market in any direction to no cost. 

How is this possible?

It is possible since Morpher did create their own token but they mirror any asset price.

Right now you get 100 MPH FREE Morpher tokens in their airdrop

About Morpher and the team

Morpher was founded by Martin Froehler and Denis Bykos in 2018. Morpher is financially backed by Draper Associates and Tim Draper who is a famous American venture capitalist. 

The company is based in Vienna and operated under EU laws and will secure licensing from the European Financial Market Authorities prior to its launch in May 2020.

Morpher explained by its founder

Morpher Pitch Summary

Morpher´s goal is to democratize trading and investing. Electronic investing is one of the largest industries in the world and its broken of several reasons including

  1. Burdensome – there are several middlemans between you and your trading product. Examples are banks, brokers, index funds.
  2. Unfair – Some instruments are only available to large investors and there is no fractional trading for small investors.
  3. Costly – Every middleman takes a small fee which ends up in a lot of costs, all together.
  4. Other problems – Markets are only open business hours, shorting is only available to a certain existence, lack of liquidity in certain markets, risk of default from counterparty

How does Morpher solves all these problems?

Morpher did create a trading product that cuts all middleman and there is no cost for trading. You can trade any fraction of any asset in a single platform and there is no counterpart. Morpher offers infinite liquidity since they have the power to mint and burn their native token.

Morpher on Ethereum

Morpher is built on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. It processes all orders instantly and automatically with no need for order matching. It’s possible to open and close position 24/7 instantly and automatically. There is no need to find a counterparty or intermediary.

Morpher trading instruments

On Morpher you can trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities and fiat forex.

What are virtual futures?

Virtual futures are virtual trading instruments built on the Ethereum blockchain. These enables traders to trade markets 24/7, with no fees and without any limitations. The price of virtual assets can be derived from any asset such as stock, commodity, cryptocurrencies or any alternative investment.


Some short facts about virtual futures:

  1. Unlike other futures, virtual futures do not expire
  2. Virtual futures do not provide ownership of the underlying asset
  3. Virtual futures and no a contractual relationship and they are not derivatives. 
  4. Virtual futures are not options, futures, swaps or any future agreement.

What features will Morpher focus on to add?

Morpher will add mobile support, leverage trading and more exotic markets. In addition, they will also add fiat stable trading products.

What is the main drawback to trade with Morpher?

There are two main drawbacks.

  1. You will have exposure against the native token. For example, if yo buy Apple stock and gain 15% in your trade against the USD. However, at the same time the Morper native token might have lost 15% against the USD.
  2. If you are looking for control you will not get that through Morpher trading. For example, if you want to buy stocks to be in control of a company you cant use Morpher. However, Morpher reflects all event related to the underlying asset like splits and dividends.

How can Morpher offer trading without fees?

Morpher runs their own sidechain and they operate as their own central bank.

How can Morpher offer trading with infinite liquidity?

Since Morpher is its own central bank and there is no underlying asset.

How does Morpher earn money?

They will have daily inflation of 0.015% or about 5% on a yearly basis. This is in the same range as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Who can get the 100 MPH FREE?

You need:

  • A valid email
  • To be over 18 years old
  • To have valid ID to pass a KYC/AML check
  • Live outside the following countries: United States, Afghanistan, American Samoa, The Bahamas, Botswana, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guam, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, US Virgin Islands, Yemen.

What is the morpher token price?

The Morpher token is listed on and Uniswap. The available markets for the MPH token are MPH/USDT and MPH/ETH.

The average daily trading volume is around $30.000.

In the Morpher trading platform, you can also buy the MPH token with PayPal, Sofort, credit/debit and more. By doing this, you are even eligible for a bonus if you lock your withdrawals for 185 days. More terms and conditions apply and you can read them all in the trading app.

Inside the Morpher Trading App

We are one of the lucky ones with an early access to the Morpher Trading App. Below you can see a print screen from the Home view when we are logged into the Morpher Trading App. The watchlist is fully customized and you can select and deselect any asset to put into your own watchlist. We have the default watchlist in the screenshot below. In the upper right corner you can see the base balance and the current invested balance.

We navigate further in the app and below you can see a screenshot from what cryptocurrencies are available to trade. In the screenshot below you can only see a part of all cryptos available to trade. If you want to trade any asset, you just click on the asset and after this you will be asked to go short or long and what leverage you want. Its possible to trade with leverage up to 10x.

Morpher Trading Review Cryptocurrencies available

Morpher Review vs any other trading platform

Is Morpher just another trading platform? We did a bullet list to show what is better with Morpher

  1. Morpher offers trading 24/7. Only a limited number of platforms offers this, especially outside the crypto sphere.
  2. All trading is without fees.
  3. All trading is instant.
  4. All trading is with infinite liquidity. There is no slippage 
  5. You can buy fractional shares or any asset
  6. You can trade any asset

Morpher Trading App VS Synthetix SNX

Synthetix operates in the same space as Morpher and offers a similar product.

However, there are some main differences you should be aware of:

  1. On Synthetix you have to (over-)colleteralize all your positions, i.e. you have to put down more money for opening a SNTH position than the position is worth
  2. All SNX exchange stakers act as counterparty to the user’s positions, i.e. if users win collectively, stakers lose money and thus their incentive to stake (=Synthetix only works, if the users lose)
  3. Synthetix its hard to understand and the more difficult to use than Morpher
  4. The trading is not in real-time because they use Chainlink as Oracle
  5. You can’t use leverage easily on Synthetix (again because of colleteralization)
  6. You can’t go short unless there is an inverse of a market
  7. Available markets on Synthetix are limited by whatever data Chainlink can provide
  8. The trading is not free (Zero cost) like on Morpher.

On the plus side: Synthetix are fully decentralized, while on Morpher the Oracle is still centralized, but replaceable (Morpher is working on decentralizing it though).

To sum it up: Synthetix made decentraliztion and censorship resistance their north star metrics, while Morpher’s north star metrics are zero fees and excellent usability.
We think of Morpher as a consumer finance app that happens to be based on a crypto protocol.

Conclusion - Morpher Airdrop Review

Morpher is definitely the best airdrop in the whole cryptocurrency community according to us.

Morpher is a complete new design of a trading platform and eliminates a lot of costs for middleman. However, there are some drawbacks since you don’t own the underlying asset. 

In addition, you also have exposure to the Morpher Token is all of your investment. Regardless of these two drawbacks it’s an amazing idea and the people behind have really done hard work to come up with such an amazing trading platform idea. It’s definitely worth a test.

Don´t forget to the the video where the founder, Martin Froehler, pitch the idea and describes it very well.