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Morpher Crypto Trading Exchange and App – FREE Airdrop

Morpher Trading App – Summary


  • Start for free with a 10 MPH instant airdrop for signing up and creating an account
  • Boost your portfolio with a $750 deposit bonus via PayPal.
  • ZERO crypto trading feesInfinite Liquidity(No slippage), Available for anyone at any time, go long or short in any market.

Read the review to understand how Morpher have managed to offer all this in a single trading platform with no strings attached.

Receive Morpher Airdrop / Signup Bonus

Morpher Free Airdrop 10 MPH tokens when sign up as welcome gift

Do I Get An Airdrop When I Sign Up?

Yes, the airdrop program will continue, so you start with 10 MPH when you sign up.

• Go to Morpher and register.
• Create a new wallet (Morpher Wallet) or connect an existing wallet (Metamask).
Remember that you can only use Morpher Wallet with the mobile app.
• Confirm your email address.
• Sign in and your tokens will be available in your account.
• Use your bonus to start investing in stocks, crypto, indices, commodities and Unique
Markets like NFTs and Rolex watches.

2. How to receive a Referral Bonus

• Go to the Rewards page in the sidebar and copy your invite link.
• Share your link and make sure that your referral registers with it.
• Ask your referral to deposit at least $50 into their account.
• Claim your referral bonus on the Rewards page and get up to 100,000 MPH.
Here, you can find all the information about the Morpher Referral Program.

3. How to withdraw bonuses

• Go to the Funds page in the sidebar and click “Deposit”.
• Select a payment method and deposit at least $50 into your account.*
• Once your deposit has been processed, your account level will be upgraded to
• Go to the Funds page and click “Withdraw”.
• Select your withdrawal method and complete your transaction.**

* You can earn a 10% bonus with PayPal if you lock your funds for 185 days. See more below.

** Keep in mind that accounts with portfolio value over $300 will be required to pass KYC
to unlock transactions.

Morpher Deposit Bonus: $750

Steps to claim your $750 Bonus

Create an account

Deposit via PayPal and receive a 10% deposit bonus of up to $750. The maximum deposit per day is $1000. (Your funds will be locked for withdrawals for 185 days. Make sure to understand the full terms and conditions.)

Morpher PayPal Crypto Deposit Bonus

Read more in our Morpher App Trading Review.

About Morpher Trading Platform

Morpher is an entirely new trading platform design. They offer virtual futures trading 24/7 with zero trading fees and infinite liquidity, no matter the trading volume.

It means you can trade any volume, anytime, in any market, direction, at no cost.

How can Morpher offer infinite liquidity, at any time, in any market for ZERO fees?

Morpher created its protocol with a token called “MPH.” With the help of the “MPH” token, the protocol can “morph” every asset in the physical world into a virtual copy. So basically, as long as there is a price to an investment in the physical world, the Morpher Protocol could make this asset tradable. 

This opens new possibilities, and by mirroring any asset price, you can trade almost everything. This includes traditional assets like stocks, commodities, forex, indices, currencies, and even alternative assets like NFT collections, watches, sneakers, etc.

Who created the Morpher Trading app?

Morpher is a trading platform founded by a team of highly experienced individuals in mathematics, engineering, and computer science.

The co-founders of Morpher are Martin Froehler and Denis Bykov. Martin has over a decade of experience in quantitative finance and has developed quantitative trading algorithms for commodity futures. Denis holds multiple engineering degrees from Stanford University and has worked in project management at StartX and Apple.

Thomas, the CTO, has over a decade of experience in software engineering and has trained Fortune 500 executives, governments, and over 60,000 students on Blockchain Development, Docker, and Amazon Web Services. 

Does any venture capital back Morpher?

Morpher is financially backed by some of the most reputable investors in the world, including Draper Associates, Apex Ventures, and RTP Global. Tim Draper, in particular, invested in the Morpher Protocol because he believed in the mission of the profoundly technical and visionary team. In a statement, he said, “Free markets are awesome, and liquidity creates wealth. Morpher is creating infinite wealth!”

The company was founded in 2018, is based in Vienna, Austria, and operates under EU laws, one of the strictest laws in the world. The company prioritizes privacy and has a policy to ensure customer data is used transparently and securely.

Morpher explained by a co-founder

Below, you will find a video where one of the co-founders, Martin Froehler, pitches the Morpher trading app. 

Remember, the video is a few years old, but the fundamental ideas behind the platform stay the same.

Morpher Pitch Summary – Why Trading is Broken

Morpher’s goal is to democratize trading and investing. Online investing is one of the largest industries in the world, and it’s broken for several reasons, including:

Burdensome – There are several intermediaries between you and your trading product. Examples are banks, brokers, and index funds.

Unfair – Some instruments are only available to large investors, and there is no fractional trading for small investors.

Costly – Every intermediary takes a small fee, resulting in many costs.

Other problems – Markets are only open during business hours, shorting is not accessible for regular people, and it may even be impossible in some countries, lack of liquidity in specific markets, and risk of default from the counterparty.

In an article on Medium, Martin Froehler, the CEO and Co-founder of Morpher, summarized the experience on Morpher very nicely in one sentence: 

“Trading on Morpher is better for the investor in every dimension compared to traditional exchanges.

How does Morpher fix the problems?

Cut all middlemen – Execute trades directly on the Morpher protocol settled on the Ethereum sidechain.

No cost for trading – Morpher doesn’t charge any fees for spot trading.

Trade any fraction of any asset – Any market with a reliable data feed can be listed on Morpher and be available at tiny fractions (1MPH).

No counterpart risk – Morpher uses smart contracts to settle trades; no counterpart is on the other side.

Infinite liquidity at all times – No slippage and no order book, no matter the size of your trade.

Morpher on Ethereum

Morpher is built on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. It processes all orders instantly and automatically with no need for order matching. It’s possible to open and close positions 24/7 immediately and automatically. There is no need to find a counterparty or intermediary.

However, Morpher also has a sidechain to overcome the limitations of the Ethereum Blockchain’s limited capacity of only 20 transactions per second. Most users choose to trade on the Morpher Sidechain due to its advantages, such as no costs for trading, a convenient graphical user interface, fast trade settlement, and the ability to handle many transactions per second. 

Nevertheless, users can still trade on the main Ethereum Blockchain, which provides the robustness of a decentralized protocol and allows for the direct recording of MPH token balances and Virtual Futures on Ethereum. 

Ultimately, the choice between the mainchain and the sidechain depends on the user’s preferences, and you can easily switch depending on your liking.

Morpher Trading Instruments and Virtual Futures

On Morpher, you can trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, forex, indices, and unique markets like NFT collections. This is all enabled by Morphers underlying protocol and “Virtual Futures.”

Virtual futures are virtual trading instruments built on the Ethereum blockchain. Virtual futures allow users to trade and invest in any asset without the need for a counterparty or traditional intermediaries.

Virtual Futures operate as synthetic assets that track the price movements of underlying assets, such as the S&P 500 or gold. By investing in Virtual Futures, users can gain exposure to these assets without actually having to buy and hold the underlying assets themselves. This allows for increased flexibility and accessibility, lower costs, and reduced risk compared to traditional investing. It also enables features such as 24/7 trading and trading of unique markets.

Virtual Futures are always denominated and settled in MPH Token. Like regular trading, users benefit from rising market prices by buying (going long) with their Virtual Future. The reverse is true for falling prices; users that created sell (short) positions benefit.

What are Virtual Futures?

  • Unlike other futures, virtual futures do not expire
  • Virtual futures do not provide ownership of the underlying asset
  • Virtual futures are not contractual relationships, and they are not derivatives.
  • Virtual futures are not options, futures, swaps, or any future agreement.

Overall, Virtual Futures on Morpher provide a new and innovative way for individuals to participate in financial markets, offering the potential for higher returns and greater accessibility, as well as greater transparency and security compared to traditional investments.

What is the main drawback to trade with Morpher?

  1. You will have exposure against the native MPH token. For example, if you buy Apple stock and gain 15% in your trade against the USD. However, at the same time, the Morpher native token might have lost some percentage against the USD, so your overall profit will be lower. It is important to note that this mechanism also holds in reverse. If the value of the native token gains, you can withdraw more in USD. So, choose a moment when the exchange rate is favorable in terms of “MPH,” so you get more US Dollars for your “MPH” than before.
  2. You cannot buy or sell the “real” underlying asset on Morpher. For example, you can’t use Morpher if you want to buy stocks for a company. However, Morpher reflects all events related to the underlying asset, like splits and dividends.

How can Morpher offer trading without fees?

Morpher runs its sidechain, and they operate as its central bank. Morpher’s only source of revenue is the reward for operating the protocol. Morpher receives 0.015% of the total MPH token supply in newly minted token every day. 

That is about 5.6% newly minted MPH token per year. Also, as Morpher is profiting from “MPH” appreciation, the team hopes that the “MPH” token will rise in value over the long run.

How can Morpher offer trading with infinite liquidity?

Simply put, because Morpher is its central bank and there is no underlying asset. Unlike other platforms, it doesn’t use banks or brokers to process trades. Instead, it uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to handle trades directly.

One of the key benefits of using blockchain and smart contracts is that they eliminate the need for intermediaries, which means trades are processed instantly and at no extra costs. It also means that there are no restrictions on how many trades you can make, so you can trade as much as you want. This is called “infinite liquidity”.

So, in short, Morpher allows you to trade assets without paying fees and with unlimited trade potential, all thanks to the technology of blockchain and smart contracts.

How does Morpher earn money?

Morpher earns revenue by receiving a small portion of the total token supply in newly minted tokens on a daily basis. The exact amount is 0.015% of the total token supply in newly minted tokens per day, or 5.6% per year.

This is a similar inflation rate to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which had an inflation rate of 1.8% and 0.5%, respectively when Morpher was created.

This business model aligns Morpher’s interests with those of its users, as an increase in the value of the Morpher token (MPH) will benefit both the company and its users.

What is the morpher token price?

MPH is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum like many Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tokens. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies are ERC20 tokens. Following the ERC20 token standard makes MPH natively compatible with nearly all crypto wallets and exchanges.

The Morpher token is listed on and Uniswap. The available markets for the MPH token are MPH/USDT and MPH/ETH.

If you want to check the live MPH price and total supply, visit the Morpher stats page.

On Morpher, you can deposit both fiat currency and cryptocurrency. If you choose to deposit fiat, you can do so through Advcash or Paypal, with fees ranging from 3% to 5%. If you prefer to deposit cryptocurrency, you can do so on three blockchains – Polygon, BNB Smartchain, and Ethereum. 

Depositing crypto on Morpher is easy. You need to send your crypto directly to a unique wallet address, and your funds will be available for trading immediately. Morpher has also improved its withdrawal process, making it faster and more cost-effective. You can withdraw your funds to your Polygon or Ethereum wallet addresses. On the Polygon blockchain, the fee is a flat rate of 100 MPH, while on Ethereum, the fees vary based on gas fees. 

You should visit the help center article for more information about the token.

Inside the Morpher Trading App

Please take a look at the attached screenshot of the Home view in the Morpher Trading App. As you can see, the watchlist is fully customizable, allowing you to select and deselect any asset to add to your watchlist. The screenshot displays the default watchlist, and you can find your base balance and current invested balance in the upper right corner. 

  • Stocks
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Commodities
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Indices
  • Uniques (NFTs

We navigate further in the app, and below you can see a screenshot of what cryptocurrencies are available to trade. In the screenshot below, you can only see a part of all cryptos available to trade. If you want to trade any asset, you click on the asset, and after this, you will be asked to go short or long and what leverage you want. It’s possible to trade with leverage up to 10x.

Morpher Review vs any other trading platform

Is Morpher just another trading platform? We made a bullet list to show what is better with Morpher.

Morpher offers trading 24/7. Only a few platforms provide this, especially outside the crypto sphere.

  • All trading is without fees.
  • All trading is instant.
  • All trading is with infinite liquidity. There is no slippage.
  • You can buy fractional shares or any asset.
  • You can trade any asset.

Morpher Trading App VS Synthetix SNX

Synthetix operates in the same space as Morpher and offers a similar product.

However, there are some main differences you should be aware of:

  • On Synthetix, you must (over-)collateralize all your positions, i.e., you must put down more money to open an SNTH position than the position is worth.
  • All SNX exchange stakers act as counterparty to the user’s positions, i.e., if users win collectively, stakers lose money, thus their incentive to stake (=Synthetix only works if the users lose).
  • Synthetix is hard to understand and more difficult to use than Morpher.
  • The trading is not in real-time because they use Chainlink as an Oracle
  • You can’t use leverage easily on Synthetix (again, because of collateralization)
  • You can’t go short unless there is an inverse of a market
  • Available markets on Synthetix are limited by whatever data Chainlink can provide
  • The trading is not free (Zero cost) like on Morpher.

On the plus side, Synthetix is fully decentralized, while on Morpher, the Oracle is still centralized but replaceable (Morpher has developed a decentralized protocol already).

To sum it up: Synthetix made decentralization and censorship resistance their north star metrics, while Morpher’s north star metrics are zero fees and excellent usability.

We think of Morpher as a consumer finance app that happens to be based on a crypto protocol.

You can read the article comparing Morpher vs. Synthetix vs. Mirror vs. UMA for a more in-depth comparison.

Conclusion – Morpher Review

Morpher is one of the best trading apps in the cryptocurrency community, according to us.

Morpher is an entirely new design of a trading platform and eliminates a lot of costs for intermediaries. However, there are some drawbacks since you don’t own the underlying asset and then there is the MPH price exposure.

Regardless of these two drawbacks, it’s a fantastic product, and the people behind it have worked hard to develop such an excellent trading platform idea. It’s worth trying it out.

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