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OKX Mystery Box 2024 – Get $50 Free

OKX Mystery Box Sign Up Bonus – Summary

  • OKX offers one of the most accessible signup bonuses to claim. 2 Mystery boxes worth up to 50 USDT for KYC and deposit.
  • OKX has among the lowest trading fees and the highest trading volumes among all crypto exchanges.
  • OKX has many trading features and trading markets accessible.

OKX is one of the top crypto trading sites with some of the lowest trading fees, high trading volumes, one of the best signup bonuses, and several listed trading pairs and cryptocurrencies.

OKX Mystery Box Terms

How to get 2 Mystery Boxes from OKX

OKX Signup Bonus Mystery Boxes 50 USDT per box for KYC and deposit

  1. Complete the KYC process – Get 1 Mystery Box
  2. Deposit for more than $50 – Get 1 Mystery Box

What is OKX Crypto Trading Exchange?

OKX crypto trading screen screenshot

A screenshot from the OKX trading interface on a tab.

OKX, formerly known as OKEX, is a top crypto trading site that has significantly expanded its offerings following a rebranding.

It is now recognized for its diverse trade products, including several decentralized finance (DeFi)-centric features. As an innovative exchange, OKX utilizes blockchain technology to provide a wide range of advanced financial services. It is well-regarded for its extensive selection of tokens and trading pairs.

In terms of its global presence, OKX is a significant player in the cryptocurrency market, ranking as the second-largest crypto exchange by trading volume and serving over 50 million users worldwide.

Based in Seychelles, it operates as a centralized exchange (CEX) and offers a wallet platform catering to a vast international clientele. The exchange supports many features.

  • Spot Trading
  • Options
  • Derivatives such as margin, futures, perpetual swaps
  • OKX Earn
  • Trading Bot
  • Copy Trading
  • Demo Trading
  • Defi staking and staking ETH

OKX stands out for its broad selection of tradable crypto assets, allowing users to trade 355 cryptocurrencies. It also provides opportunities for passive income generation through staking and crypto savings accounts.

Notably, OKX maintains low crypto spot trading fees, which start at only 0.1%. This comprehensive range of services and competitive pricing structure make OKX a significant and versatile player in the global cryptocurrency exchange market.

OKX Key Features

OKX crypto exchange trading features

OKX Trading features from a desktop screenshot and the trading screen from the mobile app.

The OKX crypto exchange, recognized for its global reach and extensive service offerings, has several key features that make it a popular choice among crypto traders and investors:

  1. Diverse Trading Options: OKX supports various trading types, including spot trading, margin trading, futures, perpetual swaps, and options trading. This variety caters to both beginners and experienced traders, offering numerous ways to engage with the cryptocurrency market.

  2. Large Selection of Cryptocurrencies: The platform allows users to trade over 355 cryptocurrencies, providing a broad spectrum of options for diversifying investment portfolios.

  3. Low Trading Fees: OKX is known for offering among the lowest crypto trading fees, with trading fees capping at a maximum of 0.1%. This is particularly attractive for VIP crypto high-volume traders looking to minimize costs.

  4. Advanced Financial Services: Leveraging blockchain technology, OKX provides advanced financial services, including various DeFi-centric features. This integration of DeFi expands the possibilities for users on the platform.

  5. OKX Earn: This feature encompasses savings accounts, stablecoin options, DeFi services, staking, and support for stake for ETH 2.0. It allows users to earn passive income through various cryptocurrency-related activities.

  6. Additional Tools and Services: OKX offers free crypto trading bots, block trading, and a user-friendly wallet platform, enhancing the trading experience and providing added convenience for managing crypto assets.

  7. Global Reach: Serving over 50 million users worldwide, OKX is one of the largest crypto exchanges by trading volume. This global presence underscores its reliability and the trust it has garnered in the crypto community.

  8. Innovative Platform: The exchange is known for its innovation in the crypto space, constantly updating and expanding its services to meet the market’s evolving needs.

These features collectively contribute to OKX’s status as a leading and innovative cryptocurrency exchange, appealing to a wide range of users, from casual investors to serious traders.

OKX Crypto Trading Fees Review

  • Spot trading fees
  • Futures and perpetuals trading fees

OKX Spot Trading Fees

See the complete comparison and review of the lowest crypto spot trading fees.

R1-R5: Regular users are categorized into tiers by their total OKB holdings.
V1-V8: VIP users are categorized by 30-day trading volumes OR daily asset balances. Tiers are updated daily.

OKX has the lowest basic spot trading fee among all crypto exchanges, starting at 0.08/0.1% for the maker/taker fee. Most top crypto trading sites start at 0.1/0.1% here. 

OKX Futures and Perpetuals Trading Fees

See the comparison and review of the lowest crypto futures and perpetual trading fees.

  • R1-R5: Regular users are categorized into tiers by their total OKB holdings.
  • V1-V8: VIP users are categorized by 30-day trading volumes OR daily asset balances. Tiers are updated daily.

OKX Deposit Methods Review

We summarize the OKX crypto exchange deposit methods in a short bullet list

  • You can deposit any crypto supported by OKX
  • There are no fiat bank transfer deposit methods available
  • There is an option to buy crypto in the exchange with VISA/Mastercard credit card.

The rate you get for the VISA/Mastercard option was really good when we tried it. We compared how many Bitcoin you would get compared to the listed price on Coingecko and the total loss was only 1.6%.

Conclusion: OKX has a feature called “Buy Crypto” where you can buy crypto directly with your VISA/Mastercard. The rate was really good when we tested this feature. Binance give similar deposit rate while it´s much more expensive with MEXC, Kraken or Coinbase.

Can I Trade Crypto Options on OKX Exchange?

Yes, OKX offers crypto options trading.

OKX facilitates the trading of and options contracts. Particulars to note in terms of crypto options on OKX are:

  • Call and put options contracts are available for trading.
  • Contracts expire on one-day, two-day, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and bi-quarterly time frames.
  • Contracts follow the European style and can only be exercised at the date of expiry (and not before).
  • Contracts are settled at 8:00 am UTC on Friday of the expiry week.
  • Contracts are traded 24/7.
  • Each options contract enables the holder to buy or sell 0.1 or 1 at expiry.

Read more and compare the best crypto option trading sites for ETH and BTC.

OKX Account Security Features

Funds Password: Use this password for withdrawal confirmations

Mobile verification: Get SMS or voice codes for logins, withdrawals, password changes and settings confirmations

Authenticator app: Get authenticator app codes, such as Google Authenticator, for logins, withdrawals and settings confirmations

2-factor authentication (2FA): Manage mobile and authenticator verification for login and withdrawals

Anti-phishing code: Create a code to be added to all authentic emails from OKX

OKX Crypto Exchange Review Pros and Cons

Below, we have listed the OKX exchange Pros and Cons from this review.

OKX Pros

OKX Cons

  • Only available to users in the United States if they sign up via VPN
  • Not an outstanding rating at Investopedia

Best Offers

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