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QuickPerps Summary

  • QuickPerps is a decentralized perpetual exchange on Polygon zkEVM
  • On QuickPerps, you can trade perpetual contracts with leverage of up to 50x
  • Some key features are auto-compounding rewards, no price impact, and cross-usable collateral.

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What is QuickPerps

The main reason to launch QuickPerps was: In traditional finance, derivatives account for 90–95% of all global trade — in CEXs, it’s around 90%, and DeFi, it’s around 30–50%, but increasing.

➤QuickPerps is QuickSwap’s decentralized Perpetual Exchange built on Polygon zkEVM.

➤Here, you can trade perpetual crypto contracts at a low cost with leverage of up to 50x.

Trade spot with market swaps and limit orders

QuickPerps key features:

  • No Price Impact: Users can open and close positions without impacting the underlying price. There is no slippage because of the deep liquidity offered by the QuickPerps $QLP pool.
  • Compound Function: When users earn rewards, they are auto-compounded (reinvested) into the main liquidity pool.
  • Cross-Usable Assets: You can open leverage positions for one token using another as collateral. 
  • TradingView Pro: With QuickPerps, you can access advanced trading charts and analytics.
  • Pyth Price API & API3 Oracles: QuickSwap’s Perpetual Exchange employs advanced, real-time price and data feeds to provide an ultra-smooth trading experience.
  • Live Decentralized Charting: Access live charting with only 1- to 2-second latency.
  • Unilevel Referral System: A Subgraph will be implemented for a Unilevel referral system.
  • Fee-Sharing Model: Swap aggregators will benefit from a fee-sharing model where QuickSwap tracks and reimburses a portion of collected fees from the 1-inch DEX aggregator.

QuickPerps Trading Fees

➤QuickPerps charges 0.1% trading fees for opening and closing a position. These fees are the same as GMX DEX, as seen in the GMX review.

A Borrow Fee is deducted at the start of every hour. This is the fee paid to the counterparty of your trade. 

The fee per hour will vary based on utilization; it is calculated as follows:

(assets borrowed) / (total assets in pool) * 0.01%.

QLP Pool

QLP is QuickPerps’ Liquidity Provider (LP) token that helps power the decentralized Perpetual Exchange.

Rewards Summary:
QuickPerps Liquidity provider token ‘QLP’ earns WETH when held in your wallet.

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