Is crypto com safe and What is Crypto com

What is Is it safe to use?

In this review we will answer the simple question, what is

Also, we will finish the article with a security review to answer the question, is it safe to use

We will go through all services offered by, including CRO VISA card and referral code for $50 which is one of the best bitcoin bonuses available in the market.

Is important to understand that consist of an mobile app, an online desktop exchange, MCO/CRO VISA card, an invest product, a credit product, a payment application and an earn product.

In this article, we will focus on the complete ecosystem. However, we have a review focusing on only the exchange review and referral code. Review - Intro is a complete ecosystem for cryptocurrencies ready for mainstream adoption. They are offering all the common financial solutions you can be looking for including an exchange, an app, CRO VISA card, earn and credit (lend and borrow), investment products and payment solutions. Also, they have merchant solutions and invoices.

You can get $50 for free with our referral code if you sign up and stake at least 1.000 CRO for the VISA card. On top of this, you can get another $50 for free if you sign up with the Exchange and stake another 5.000 CRO in the exchange.

Some people might be confused by their two native tokens, MCO and CRO. However, MCO is about to close down and urges all their customers to exchange their MCO holdings into CRO. 

On top of that, they offer a CRO staked VISA card with up to 8 % cashback, free Netflix, free Amazon prime and free Spotify, free airport lounge. Also, their earn product deliver up to 18% APY. Further, the investment product gives you the opportunity to invest your BTC into quantitative trading.

What else can you ask for? or Is it too good to be true?

Let’s break all these applications and offers down, one-by-one. exchange logo
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Code: mcmk7qgbhh

CRO VISA card rewards: Free Spotify, Free Netflix, Free Amazon Prime, up to 5% cashback, free airport lounge access and MORE!

What is the long-term goals?

The app consists of two native cryptocurrencies, MCO and CRO. They are used to provide great discount and bonuses. have four different phases to go through to meet their long-term goals, according to the team.


  1. Let merchants integrate with Pay APO seamlessly.
  2. Let new cryptocurrency project adopt to the ecosystem.
  3. launch of the mainnet and bring on-chain transaction settlement. 
  4. Introduce entities that can replace settlement agents.

What is the background of the Team?

The team consists of Kris Marszalek, Gary Or, Bobby Bao, and Rafael Melo. This team started the MCO ICO in 2016 and the same team remain even after the rebranding in 2018 to

Kris Marszalek is the CEO, Gary or is the CTO (cheif technology officer), Rafael Melo is the CFO and Bobby Bao is the Head of Corporate Development.

Kris Marssalek has been CEO at Ensogo, COO at iBuy Group Limited, CEO at BeeCrazy and CEO at YiYi Hongkong Limited. This is track record gives Kris the necessary experience needed to run a company like

Bobby Bao has been the head of Corporate Development at Ensogo before joinig

Rafael Melo has long experience from finance, deep understanding of risk, compliance and Mobile Payments ecosystem in Asia. He was CFO at Ensogo and led the fundraising process there securing strategic investment from VIPSHOP (NYSE:VIPS) and raising over A$50m from blue chip institutions like Fidelity, Goldman Sachs and BlackRock.

What is CRO cryptocurrency by Chain is yet another project launched by the Hong Kong-based payment and cryptocurrency platform company (also known as “CRO Protocol Labs”). The Chain has its own Chain (CRO) Token which is supposed to allow the users to make cryptocurrency payments to as many globally available merchants as possible.


This is to be done by making the CRO an intermediary currency which will allow for the conversion of cryptocurrencies to their fiat counterparts at much reduced cost. By this, the team hopes to combine the token’s global ambition with the adoption support inspired by real-life use cases.


The CRO token function to pay transaction fees, convert assets and create new nodes. Its an intermediary token tasked with supporting cross-asset settlement and improving interoperability between cryptocurrencies and fiat-based payments. With the CRO token you can get 20% – 100% trading fee rebate when you pay fees in CRO. exchange logo
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Code: mcmk7qgbhh

CRO VISA card rewards: Free Spotify, Free Netflix, Free Amazon Prime, up to 5% cashback, free airport lounge access and MORE!

What is the MCO cryptocurrency of the was created from a project that was initially named Monaco with its native token MCO. Monaco was created in 2016 by a group Hong Kong cryptocurrency specialists with the main goal  to make cryptocurrency a massive and convenient means of payment. The ICO crowdsale for MCO tokens lasted from May 18 through June 18, 2017. The event managed to raise about USD 26,700,000 worth of ETH, with 9,476,400 MCO tokens being sold on the same occasion.

MCO is about to close and urges all their customers to exchange their MCO holdings into CRO. 

MCO and CRO - Why does has 2 tokens?

Nowadays, only support 1 native token and that is CRO. They will not support the MCO token in the future and the MCO Visa card is now a CRO Visa card.

MCO is centered on the MCO Visa cards, the most widespread Crypto cards in the world. In order for someone to acquire a metal MCO Visa card and receive all its benefits, such as cashback up to 5% in MCO and free Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime accounts, they will need to Stake MCO for at least 6 months. 

In order to continue receiving the rewards, the MCO needs to remain Staked. As such, MCO offers utility for acquiring MCO Visa cards and receiving their lucrative benefits. All this contributes to decreasing the circulating supply of MCO, which in theory can provide positive price development. 

CRO is intended as a token to be used for fast, seamless and secure payments between Cryptocurrency users and merchants. It is designed to accelerate the transition to Cryptocurrency adoption by making it easy and accessible for merchants to use it as a payment method, and offers the option to have payments settled in fiat for a merchant, even if the user had paid via Crypto.

What is CRO Visa Card?

Before, the VISA card was based on another native token, MCO, but from now and on the VISA card will be based and staked by the CRO token.

Anyone in the USA (49 states), the EU, or Singapore can use the CRO Visa card to spend cryptos at millions of locations globally.

When you make a purchase with your CRO Visa Card, the cashback you earn will always be allocated to you in the form of CRO Tokens. These tokens don’t just come out of thin air however. They are purchased off of several exchanges using’s slick trading algorithm, and deposited into your CRO Wallet. exchange logo
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Code: mcmk7qgbhh

CRO VISA card rewards: Free Spotify, Free Netflix, Free Amazon Prime, up to 5% cashback, free airport lounge access and MORE!

What is Exchange? launched a new feature in 2019, their online cryptocurrency exchange. It offers

Liquidity: uses Vortex Liquidity System which gives their users access to a competitive execution rates.

Trading Fees: You trading fee is dependant on your last 30 days trading volume and your CRO staking level.

Custody and safety management: have ISO Certification 27001:2013, level 1 PCI DSS and CCSS (Level 3) Ledger Vault enforcement and collaboration

Features: Exchange, Markets, Stake and Earn, The syndicate, Trading Arena.

Read our dedicated article, Exchange Review with Referral Code, for a full Exchange review. Also, here is another referral code for the exchange. The referral code supplied in this article is for the CRO app and the CRO VISA card.

What is Earn? allows its users to deposit their crypto into interest account. The different terms are divided into flexible terms, 1 month or 3 month term. Your crypto assets will be locked during the time and you will receive more interest if you lock your crypto holdings for a longer time.

Earn up to 8% on cryptocurrencies, 12% on stablecoins and 18% on their native token CRO.

What is the App?

The app is the main product and the exchange was launched later with more limited features?


As you can see in the app screenshot the available features are wallet, fiat wallet, card, credit, earn rewards, track and pay.

What is the Credit?

Via the Credit feature in app you can monetize your crypto without selling it. There is no fixed repayment schedule and no monthly late fees or deadlines. You can choose to repay any amount, at any time during the 12 months upon start of the credit term. Remember to check the interest rates every time you intend to spend money you don’t own.

What is the Invest? Invest is a feature where you can invest your BTC into quantitative trading. You deposit in BTC and will exchange your BTC into other coins and tokens, depending on the investment portfolio/your risk profile. You can see the portfolio breakdown of the crypto allocations, under holdings.


You can also track the performance of your portfolio on the graph at the top of the screen, which shows you performance breakdown (All time, one day, one week and one month). The history of your deposits and withdrawals is located at the bottom of the screen. Private members except citizens and residents of Hong Kong SAR, , Singapore, Switzerland or the United States of America can take part in Crypto Invest.


Three different risk categories (Currently, you cannot change your risk profile once set)

  • Low Risk
  • Medium Risk
  • High Risk


Deposit the BTC amount

  • Minimum required $10.000
  • Maximum allowed amount $50.000 make money only when you do with the Crypto Invest feature.

There are no entry, exit or management fees. There is a 9% fee on the profits that you make exchange logo
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Code: mcmk7qgbhh

CRO VISA card rewards: Free Spotify, Free Netflix, Free Amazon Prime, up to 5% cashback, free airport lounge access and MORE!

What is the Pay?

The Pay feature allows customers to checkout and pay for goods and services via the wallet app. You can pay with cryptocurrencies directly at the online store.

Is Safe?

Is a safe place to hold your cryptocurrencies? is taking security serious and they have a solid infrastructure regarding security.

They have both a cold storage and a hot wallet. They keep 100% of the customers holdings in the cold storage. The hot wallet is used for corporate funds and leverage hardware security models.

For the infrastructure security uses Amazon web services and its security services and capabilities. Those include network and web application firewall capabilities. Controlled encryption in transit with TLS. Automatic encryption of all traffic. Business continuity planning for outages and attacks prevention.

In addition, have internal controls, 2-factor authentication and withdrawal protection.

With regards to certification and assessments is the first cryptocurrency company in the world to have ISO27001:2013, PCI:DSS 3.2.1(Payment Card Industry: Data Security Standard), Level 1 compliance, and CCSS(Cryptocurrency Security Standard)


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